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2nd day of owning my 2nd hand zzr 250 (96 model)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by robbie3786, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Ok,

    So i was riding (yes i'm on my L's) i was actually following my sister pretty cruisy.. anyways so we get to a traffic light, i stop, but when i go to take i off, i released the clutch to quickly (i think) and i stalled. That part was fine, so i tried starting it again.. but it doesn't start. I called a few of my sisters friends who are bike savvy people and they said it sounds like i may have flooded the engine, and ithink they may be right, but i am open to suggestion

    Firstly, how did it happen?
    Secondly, how do i stop it from happening again?
    Thirdly is it common in ZZR 250's?

    Thanks, Rob

    PS - This happened about an hour ago....

    moved to technical and troubleshooting torque :cool:
  2. If your bike kicks over but then just dies when you let go of the throttle you can just hold the throttle at the lowest revs possible and you will here it popping and farting after about 10-20 seconds. Once the sound evens out it should rev up like normal.

    To prevent this you have to learn to move the clutch out slower and listen to the engine so you get a bit of warning before it stalls. Ofcourse most of this just takes experience, stop trying to takeoff so fast. :)
  3. Welcome to the steep learning curve of motorbiking :wink:
    Practice, practice, practice.
  4. I thinks he means how it flooded :p

    To stop flooding, dont have a fully open throttle, you dont need any more to start a bike then about 2mm worth of movement. If your bike doesnt want to start whilst its flooded, try push starting it. The power of a push start is far bigger then that of the pissy little startermotor and forces the fuel out better.
  5. You were riding a kwaka ;)
    Sell it, and buy a Honda :p
    You wont care, when you have a Honda :cool:

    sounds fairly run of the mill, for an 11yo bike. services/tune-ups all up to date?
    did you have the clutch in when trying to start it? was it in gear? kickstand in proper position?
  6. Yeah if this happens, sometimes you just need to roll the bike forward 10 or 20 cm. Not sure why that happens.. For the record I haven't had a problem with it after I had a few weeks riding experience, so its probably just poor technique or something.

    Had the same thing when a gs stacked it on pac, wouldn't start with clutch in or in neutral, but we rolled it forward and reput it into neutral and it started fine.
  7. how warm was the bike? my girl's one has issues when cold...
  8. The seller, said there had been a service done recently... but i think i may have to go get it serviced/tuned my self..
  9. Hey, I think it was poor technique, need to practice more.