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2nd bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by troy, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. hey all
    i am considering getting a second bike as my run commuter to work
    as ill be doing close to 50k each way so thats a total of 100k a day
    now bike of choise is a 200cc scooter.... or a 250cc bike both will do the speed i require, and in the price of $5000 or less
    now i was wondering if anyone here has the same idea that i got or is doing what im thinking of doing....
    cause i dont want to use the MT-01 all the time but then theres that saying " whats the use of buying it if your not going to ride it??"
    im in abit of a split decision here
    oh and if anyone is selling a 250cc or 150+cc scooter bike in good condition and with not too many k's pm me :grin:
    ps:.... no sports (cbr/rr, zx2r, things like that)

  2. You could consider the new Sachs 150cc Road Bike, it's only $1990+ORC, brand new, gives you a 12 month warranty!

    There is a write-up of it in the Bike Reviews section here. Seems to be a decent bike for the money, and if you bin it, you haven't lost much, and can buy 2 of them for the $5k you're looking at spending!
  3. Sorry changing my post, 100kms a day, 500 a week? Well if it was me a big scooter [500cc] or an upright naked would be the go. I reckon you would have more troubles than it's worth with a cheap bike. A VTR250 might be OK??
  4. Don't feel bad, I'll be doing the same thing once I get my fulls (and hence get an impractical/costly bike to commute on).

    For that distance a gpx might be worth looking at - engine is much hardier than a 150cc scooter or bike IMO - important if you're going to be racking up the kms. But on the other hand you could get 2-3 brand new cheapies for the cost of one new gpx.

    Freeway speeds? If so 200cc and over. If not, whatever.
  5. the suzuki burgman 250 scooter would work but it might be a bit expensive. does 100k comfortably. my wife has one and rode a lot of scooters before deciding on it. 2nd choice was a yamaha 250 scooter.
  6. i've kept my VTR250 for the commuting requirement, they do it quite well. they are easy to maintain aswell if you do that stuff yourself, which might be worth looking into if you dont already since it'll need a service every 2 months or so with those sort of kms.

    hey jared, why dont ya look at a DL650, thats a nice comprimise :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  7. Heys guys
    I got the Sachs, and would recommend it for the commuting job anyday. Probably not the best if there is much highway involved, as the top end is a bit weak, but then I'm also a big guy that the poor thing has to lug around. :)
  8. actually i was just talking to loz about this yesterday.....he had been at me about how much fun little bike are in traffic and had the chance to ride a little bike again (250cc) :LOL: and what a hoot they are in the city/burbs (traffic).....

    You get 2-3 gear changes in and get ot hit the throttle stop when leaving turns and as you straighten up and glance at the speedo and are just above the speed limit it a real relief :LOL: ....

    It was such a blast, but in saying that when i went through my restriction i never rode my 250 that hard or like that and i think after riding for a while now and jumping back on one, just goes to show how far you came in your riding (and understanding how hard you can push these little bikes.)

    Basically imo after riding a large bike and jumping back on 250's they just turn the city streets into one long race track at almost legal speeds.....if i could afford a second bike i would seriously consider getting another 250/scooter to use as a commuter.....although on the above advice i could see myself using almost as much fuel as the sv does :LOL: