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2nd Bike Purchase

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nakkas, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. I'm off my restrictions and am looking at upgrading to a minimum size of a 600. ATM, 600 or 1000 doesn't bother me, but I do have a few specific criteria.

    1. It must have good resale value. I plan on reselling the bike in 2-3 years and don't plan on dropping it or anything. It's not going to see the track and the front wheel won't be pointing towards the sky.

    2. It must be a good commuter. I'm going to be going between cars everyday, so I need something with decent handling.

    3. The classification doesn't matter too much. Whether it's a sports, sports tourer, naked doesn't bother me too much. As long as it's upright and not a cruiser.

    Hopefully it will be under 10 grand. Are there any bikes fitting this criteria, or with the same awesome resale value as many of the 250's? I won't be modifying it or anything, just riding for a coupla years and selling off.


  2. Quite a few bikes out there that come under your criteria..
    CB600F Hornet comes to mind :)
  3. Any of the bigger motards appeal?
    You have specified engine size but still talking commute useage.
    A current 250 or GS500 will hold their value and do what you're asking.
  4. cha ching, we have a winner!
  5. Z1000

    Because its awesome.
  6. For maximum resale I'd be thinking something a little different, that way you're not "competing" with dozens of similar bikes at sale time. A Cagiva Raptor 650 or Moto Guzzi Breva 750 might be worth a look, may have to stretch the budget a bit for a new one though. A BMW F650 would be another good option.
  7. The Suzuki GSX650F sounds exactly like the right bike for you. 9990 + ORC.

    Thats with the GSX-R fairings so it'll probably be a fair bit cheaper without those. Gets a very good review in the latest 2 wheels mag.
  8. No one does.
    I suggest you just go and ride every bike in the shop till you find one you like.
  9. street triple should have good resale since theyre so hard to get.
  10. Cheers guys

    Was hoping to stay away from the motard type bikes, I've ridden a few of them and can't stand em. The GSX650 does sound like a pretty good option.

    Only problem is that there are so few around.

    I guess if I want a bike with good resale it will have to be relatively rare, which might lead me to problems in selling the damn thing.

    Would I be better of going for another twofiddy, maybe get something that's legal on LAMS, but illegal atm (on restrictions)?. That way I might get it cheaper while you can't get em and could sell it to a much larger audience later?

    The GS500 pops into my head, although I'm sure there are better bikes on LAMS.
  11. i am almost ready to get my next bike to, my suggestion would to not buy the bike on the money but by the bike on the feel, get on it and ride it, if its comfortable and gives u the thrills u want then thats the way to go IMO