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2nd bike- how much power is too much?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by xoraak, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. FINALLY!! I'm only a few months away from getting off restrictions, and I'm starting to hunt around for a second bike, my first proper BEAST!!!

    so far, I've narrowed choices down to these...

    kawa z750
    kawa z1000
    monster 800, 750, 900

    My question is, would the z1000 be too much of a bike for a fairly new rider?
    The reason it makes the list is because it is pretty much the same price as the z750, but has better suspension, brakes and a few other things.

    Have any other riders here stepped up to a litre bike from a 250 and thought f$&k I'm going to kill myself- shoulda got a smaller bike?

    input appreciated :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. my boyfriend went from a ZZR250 to a CB1300 with no problems.

    I however want nothing bigger than a 750.

    I guess it comes down to 1) how confident are you and 2) personal taste
  3. A bike will only go as fast as your wrist makes it.

    If you have no self control I'd recommend against a bigger bike.

    If your responsible enough not to fang it, or to do it in the right places theres nothing wrong with it.
  4. Get whatever bike you like mate - and then respect it.
  5. Very true,

    A GS500 will cause you trouble if you twist the wrist in the wrong place.

    It ain't the bike that'll cause grief, it's the bloke sitting on it.

    If the 1000 is what you want, go for it.

    I went from a 250 to a 900 quite happily. You just have to treat it with the respect it deserves.

    On another note - modern 600cc sportsbikes will blow away alot of litre big boys, so it's not all about cc's either.

  6. very important point Loz - the respect.

    my BF KNOWS his 1300 is a fast machine, he's scared himself on it once or twice.

    consequently he has serious respect for the fact that if he twists the wrist in the wrong spot, he won't be able to get out of trouble.
  7. I would raise this question to when im due to upgrade.
    being on the back of the girls Ducati 900ss it really put my confidence in its place. She has offered to allow me to try it in a controlled country road but I refused, totally scared the crap out of me the power the bike has. Im still getting blown away with coming from a 250 cruiser to a naked 250 sports.
    I guess Im just not ready for it yet.

    I have respect for the big bikes and the riders who control the power. im not in that legue yet. And I know it.
  8. The Z750 is a bargain I reckon (and a bit cheaper than the 1000). Seems to get decent reviews, but I'm not a fan of the styling. I'm sure there's more than enough performance there to please 99% of riders.

    Yes, it all depends on how you treat the bike, and sometimes how much self control you have as to whether it'll bite you back, but one of my mates is in a wheelchair for life after owning a 1000cc race rep for only two weeks (straight after a 250). Would it have happened on a bike with less cc's? Probably, but there might have been a little more room for error. Make sure that you understand and respect the power that the newer litre class bikes (Z1000 included) have before committing.

    Fairly often ads will pop up in motorcycle trader: "xyz1000rr, 1000km's, too fast for rider". Some people just aren't comfortable with the bikes if they don't feel they're in control.

    Go with whatever feels right at the time (the monsters will be absurdly slow when compared to a Z1000!).

    Me? I like the look (and ergos) of the new Suzuki GSR600.
  9. that's pretty much what I'm talking about. I'm not a speed freak and don't treat the road like a track- but I can't help but thinking if the power is there- my right hand won't be able to help itself sometimes!!
  10. Bro, I neva ridden a 250 B4 & went straight to a 750cc. 3mths later
    or so, went up to 900cc. This year sometime I'll hopefully get a 1000cc

    Neva had any probs mate. No matter what size a bike is, its only
    gonna do what you tell it to do. If youre confidant enuf in your ability
    to control a bike, there should be no probs at all :)
  11. As Loz said, I'd recommend getting the bike that makes you smile the broadest... and then respect it.

    Respect it physically by looking after it and intellectually by remaining cogniscent of its capabilities.

    Life is too short to take baby steps if you already know how to run.
  12. that's where the RESPECT comes in mate. i go riding with my other half all the time. i know when & where he has fun on the bike.

    through twisty blind corners???? Nope. too dangerous.

    On a completely empty straight line bitumen country road?? yep, he'll give himself a burst of acceleration for about 10 seconds to feel the thrill then back off.

    if you're really worried about it, and think you'll be too tempted, then yeah get something smaller & with less acceleration. If you think you'll be able to remember that some places aren't safe for riding fast then get whatever you like.
  13. I came off my restriction at the end of January. I'm currently shopping and liking the look of a VFR800. The power is as much as you turn your wrist. I rode a 2005 CBR1100XX Blackbird the other night. It had SOOOO much power it was scary.

    I'm sure you can go from a 250 to a 1000 if you're head is in the right place. It's all about your attitude
  14. thanks for the input guys... some food for thought indeed.
  15. Making the jump to the Z1000 won't be that bad if your level of confidence is high. The two Kawasakis are similar in size and weight so the physical side of riding either would be pretty much the much. However in terms of power, the Z1000 will feel like a handful compared to the archaic engine found in the Z750. You have enough power in the thou to get yourself into all kinds of trouble! :twisted: But not that much that it is out of your league.
    Insurance could be the determining factor though. If you are a youngun you could be up for a huge amount of money with the Z1000. The Z750 would be a class or two below making it much more reasonable to insure.
    However if that isn't an issue and you are a very confident rider, then i say go for the Z1000. You'll simply get over the Z750 too quickly anyway. To me they should have used something a little more ZX7R like in the engine department and not that ancient engine that it ended up with.
    If you do buy the thou, give yourself some time to get used to the power by staying below 6 or 7000 rpm for a while. There is plenty of power up until then anyway, more than enough to make your 2fiddy feel sluglike.
  16. I highly agree with getting the one that you heart really wants. My 2nd 600 I bought solely on the look & colours, I couldn't help myself and I loved it the whole time I had it. It wouldn't have mattered what engine size that bike was, I still would've bought it.

    I personally think if you are going to be a nut on a bike, it really doesn't matter what size the engine is, you'll still be a nut.

    You've got love your ride, or it all goes down hill is all I can say :)
  17. Choice of next bike will also depend on the sort of riding you do. A big part of my choice on a 900 was that I intended to (and do) often have a pillion onboard, so I stopped looking at 600s and 750s for this reason. I also like touring, so wanted something that would get about comfortably.

    There are lots of factors to weigh up.

    My first nonrestricted bike was a 600 'cos I felt more comfortable with the idea of stepping up rather than taking a leap....

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. hehe :grin:

    Well chop dat right hand off if it plays up on ya mate :p
  19. heres another thought - dont think of upgrading as thegradual stepping up in engine CCs, but of a change to a bike that better suits your style.

    in other words, you may NEVER step up to a thou, or you might go to a thou and find a 600 suits your riding better and you enjoy it more. and theres engine configurations and bike styles and sizes to account for aswell, the more you think about it, the less significant CCs ends up being :wink:

    take a few bikes for a ride and see what you think. if you like a good scream through the twisties, a 600 4 would be the shot. if you want your bike to do the same sort of speeds without revving that hard, a larger twin might be the go. if dragging people at any speed is your priority, then a litre 4 would be the only way. if top speed and stabilitty is where you are headed, then a larger capacity sports tourer is the go etc etc etc....

    in other words, you'll really only have a vague idea till you start riding bikes in your price range. dont rule something out because of CCs or because you think its not what you want, you may be suprised :wink:
  20. how many of us use whatever a 600 plus CC bike has available on the road ??? ..... its the comfort of the ride as compared to the size of the bike we all look for isnt it ?? so if you are a 1200 cc plus bloke then you are a 1200 cc bloke there is no point you learning to ride a 250 cc bike no matter how big the bike is if you dont possess the ability to be able to ride it to its fullest ability then its the bike for you ..... how many of us havce bikes that continually surprise us ???