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2nd bike for more fun

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Darrin Hodges, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. I have xvs650 which I love cruising on, but from time to time I feel like a fang on something a bit sportier. Want to keep the xvs and maybe buy something like a ninja650, but then I wonder if I would spend much time on the xvs and instead trade it in on a nice zx-10 I've seen. what do others think?

  2. I've got an vxs-1100 sitting in the shed that hardly gets ridden since I bought my vstrom. I would use the cruiser as a deposit on the new bike. If you really really miss it, buy a bigger one later.
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  3. Dunno......... it depends on your sense of humour, I guess.

    I absolutely love being able to pick which bike I ride to suit what I am intending to do.

    Sometimes I am in the mood for a quite cruise, and my old BMW will do that quite nicely.

    Other times I feel like fanging about like a 15 year old Spanish wannabe MotoGP rider, so I take the wee 125 Cagiva.

    If I need to go shopping, I'll often pick the two-stroke scooter....for its carry capacity of course, but then end up riding like a drug crazed teenager. :)

    If you have the space, multiple bikes can be really good fun, just that in NSW, big ones tend to get very expensive in the green slip area.
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  4. I can create more space by tossing some junk out. greenslips are one reason why I wanted to stay mid-range, then again 2 x greenslips for 650s is probably more than one greenslips for a 1000. dunno, have only had the cruiser for a few months, might just sit on it for a while.
  5. Keep the Xvs650 and buy something else a bit sportier for those times when you really need a bit of speed and handling ability.

    Maybe test ride a few different bikes and see what you like.

    I used to own a 1984 Kawasaki EN400 (private import). Evil handling jap cruiser in the curves but I miss it for the days when I just want a slow relaxed ride.

    I can just putt around on my cb600f hornet but it is still not the same as a cruiser.

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  6. That's sort of what I'm thinking of doing, although something cheap to tinker with which is still fun to tour/ride...New, half empty 6M x 6M shed. :)
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  7. Mt-09 is a lot of sporty fun, Its not for everyone though it handles a bit weird and its quick.
    Maybe even check out a tracer or vstrom if you are considering moving it on that way you get a bit of both worlds.
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  8. I was in the same boat with my night rod mate. I ended up with a 3.5k k3 gsxr1000 streetfighter that I love. I ride both and love them both. I recommend picking up a cheap sports bike and just seeing which one u ride more.
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  9. I kept my first bike ( GPZ600R) to do up as a street fighter,. Figured it would be a fun project and then a fun second ride. However I haven't got past stripping the fairing off :sick:
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  10. I have seen a Buell1125R, but I suspect the servicing would be on the expensive side. I I'm thinking that I'll just keep my eyes out for a good used Ninja 650, pref with a yoshi, since their so popular around here! :p
  11. i have an xvs 650 which was my first bike, now i also have a dr650 which i use for a different kind of fun on trails/tracks. I commute on both, can ride all day on both and between the two they scratch all the itches depending on the day.
    I absolutley love having 2 bikes and got rid of the car as a result.
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  12. Two, Three, Four the more the merrier. I have hatched a plan to fill my garage with bikes now I have no brake on my wallet (don't let the door hit you on the way out ...!)

    MT-07 first. Then Ducati Monster 821 as a reward for getting unrestricted. I like the idea of the easy riding style of the Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle model. Then maybe a Triumph Bonneville Spirit with the light blue tank.

    These are all variations on naked bikes but still each would ride differently and hell, you only live once!! If you can afford it DO IT :)

    My brother has a garage with YZ125X, YZ125C, YZ250F, MX400B, PE250, RM250, 2 x T200 Suzuki's and a CR500AF!! He is about to buy a MT-09 as well when I get my MT-07 :)

    In SA rego is only $450 ish a year for over 660cc bikes so registering say 4 or 5 is no biggie. The MT-07 is $400.
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