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2nd bike for Learner soon to have a full licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Julien, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I have had my Ls and been riding for over 3 months now. I've got a 2007 Suzuki GS500E.

    I am turning 30 in a month and will sit my Ps test just after my birthday and hopefully will get a full licence straight away (mature aged rider exemption).

    I love my GS but I think I am going to be ready soon to upgrade... I am looking for a bike that I'll be able to keep for a few years without getting bored.

    The thing is I don't exactly what to get... Should I go for a midweight or directly for a 1000cc?? I don't commute to work anymore but will probably have to do it again soon when we move out of our place. I love taking my bike for big rides on the week end. I do hundreds of ks on the week end. I guess I won't be able to take my missus on the back for a while so probably no big road trips with my bike. Commuting will always be quite short since I work in Sydney CBD and intend o stay in the eastern suburbs or maybe Northern suburbs but not far.

    I am a big fan of naked bikes. I'd like a bike that looks different. For eg. I sat on a Shiver 750 the other day and loved it. I really like the looks of that bike and also I realised that my GS is a bit too low for me. I've reasonably long legs and the Shiver felt really comfy compared to my GS...

    My budget would probably go around the $15,000 mark 5that would be a max).

    I would be grateful for any comments/suggestions.
  2. maybe have a look at the Triumph Speed Triple
  3. If you like Suzuki's then the Bandit 1250 or GSX 1400 sound like they'd fit what you're after.

  4. +1 but with an R at the end

    Street Triple R

    Colours Jet Black, Fusion White, Roulette Green
    Price $13,490 + Dealer delivery and on-road costs
  5. Try the usual suspects:
    -1200 or 1250 bandit

    Street Triple and Speed Triple are both good bikes too.

    Another one to consider is the Triumph Tiger, can get a good used one for that coin.
  6. Thanks for your comments guys.

    I am a bit unsure whether I should go for the 1000s cc. I am still learning a lot about riding and maybe a 1000cc (or higher) is a bit much for a beginner. I am not really into racing bikes, I just love riding. Any thoughts?
  7. Yeah. This subject has been absolutely FLOGGED to death on these forums. If you do a quick search mate you'll find all the answers you need without having to wait for people to respond to your thread :)
  8. the Speed is the man bike, no 'R' required to seperate it from the volvo owners
  9. Get the Shiver = Awesome bike, its on my "someday" list.

    Otherwise get the FZ1n!!
  10. as well as the shiver maybe look at a z750 or a cb600f hornet?
  11. consider aprilia's after sales support, warranty servicing and parts before you get a shiver.

    The triples have awesome mid range and i don't think you'll be disappointed with one. Lots of other bikes to consider too. GL.
  12. Hey, what's wrong with Volvo? :) I have one :D
  13. I think the Triple is the go. Looks the go. See one almost everyday in the parking lot on Kent St. Oh btw I am the guy who did the 'L' with you at HART St Ives. So when are you booked in for the pre-provisional.
  14. if its beige and you have tissue boxes and a wide brimmed hat in the back parcel shelf its a problem
    otherwise, we'll let it slide
  15. funny you should mention tissue box.... :)