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2nd Bike Ever, KLX250SF

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Overture, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys!
    Just thought id show off my new supermoto klx250sf!
    Shes got 4000kms on the odo and I picked her up for a steal.
    After riding a Hyosung gt250r for 3 months I decided I want a turning circle so here is the new ride!

    More updates (Video, better pics.) to come when I get some time this weekend!


  2. Such an awesome bike. Congrats.
    I foresee many wheelies in your future.
  3. Nice choice, they're pretty gutless bone stock, but a pipe and a rejet (looks like its already been treated to those) make it better.

    If you get bored with it you can make it a 300cc with oem parts (the engine is unchanged from the 97 KLX300 with the exception of the cylinder and piston, this bike is meant to be a 300)

    There are also after market big bore kits up to 351cc by Bill Blue of the USA.

    Along with a couple of pumper carbs that make them a lot more responsive.

    Welcome to the KLX club
  4. On closed roads/private property.. ofc.... ;)