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2girls 2kawasakis 51 days around Oz

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ricecooker, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. My friend Robyn and I are setting off for our 'round Australia lap on 24 April 2010.

    We are doing this as a fundraiser, raising funds for MARI (motorcycle accident rehabilitation initiative).

    We have created a website 2GIRLS 2KAWASAKIS. From this web page you will be able to see our trip as it progresses via my SPOT tracker (currently the live map just shows the USA - this will go live on 24 April 2010), keep up with our blogs as we are on the road as well as our photos as well as make a donation to MARI via the link to our Everyday Hero page which is on the front page of our website.

    We also have a facebook group called (funnily enough) 2girls 2kawasakis.


  2. Yay Mel. Catch you both, as you come through Melb.
  3. That would be great Rog! We will be having a dinner *somewhere* the night we are in Melb, will let you know where/when as soon as we do! :D
  4. I mistyped the web address and discovered something most distressing :shock:

    Anyhoo, great looking website, will also join the FBook group, thanks for letting us know and enjoy a safe trip!!
  5. I will be watching with interest.
  6. way to go mel, best wishes for a safe trip =D>
  7. Top stuff Mel! (y)
  8. You're welcome to stay over in Wollongong on the way home if you need to :)
  9. 51 days on the back breaking supersports...that's respect!
  10. Sounds like a dream i had last night.... 2 girls... nah no need to go on!!!

    Seriously good onya girls!!!
  11. 2 girls 1 cup? Didn't pick you for a scat man, Gilesy :LOL:
  12. Good on ya :) best of luck!
  13. excellent!! .... good luck!
  14. woooo u go girls, i'll keep and eye out for you when your in Sydney and come for a little squirt :D
  15. Mel, youse can crash here, if you need, on ya way thru.
  16. Well done girls.

    Wish you the best of luck, weather and surrounding traffic.
  17. the legend of 2g1c has definitely made its presence felt outside the inner circles of the internet, unfortunately.
  18. Have a great trip will follow it with interest, and it's a great cause for us all to donate to
  19. Thanks for the messages of support guys :D at the moment we are working on a plan for a fundraising dinner to be held in Melbourne while we are there which I will let you all know about as soon as the plans are locked in.

    It is for a great cause - it would be great to see it spread nationwide!
  20. The melb folk will turn up, Mel. Give us a bit of notice, though.