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NSW $298 Fine for Helmet Strap not tight enough?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by a_jase, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Anyone get pulled over in NSW for not having their Helmet properly secured ? I mean I probably could have had it done up tighter but a warning would have been polite. The only offence I can find in RTA documents is not wearing a helmet at all. Not sure how they can issue a fine on something that is a bit of a grey area. My Strap was done up and the Helmet could not have fallen off. I can't find any RTA documents advising how tight a strap should be, jus that a helmet must be secure. :-(


  2. The rule requires more than simply wearing a helmet.

    Road Rule 270:

    "The rider of a motor bike that is moving, or is stationary but not parked, must wear an approved motor bike helmet securely fitted and fastened on the rider’s head."

    Quite easily, as you have discovered.

  3. I met a bloke about a week ago who told me the exact same thing.
  4. There is always a few who can't abide by the intent of the law but try to stretch the letter of the law to breaking point then winge.
  5. How loose was the helmet strap? How did the officer determine that it wasn't done up enough?
  6. Sounds a bit harsh, but for him to issue a ticket the strap must have been very loose.

    A couple of years ago I came across a bad accident where the guys helmet had come off - believe me it was not a good ending. Since then I always give my straps an extra tug to make sure they're real snug.
  7. I'll ask a silly question then. Why on earth would you have your helmet half done up?. Its on or its off. For me that is common sense. And Im not the sharpest knife in the draw either.
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    Quick question, were you squidding? The bloke I talked to about it was in thongs, singlet and shorts when he got done, and I can't help but think the cops were looking for anything to book him with because they thought he was being a moron.

    edit: I have no prob with squidding, just looking for a pattern.
  9. Failed the attitude test?
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  10. I think this is more like it........

    I can imagine how the "conversation" between the OP and the officer may have progressed.
  11. Welcome to Netrider
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  12. This was/is a_jase first and only post.

  13. Blabs again? ;)
  14. Nup, don't think so. A lot of people join this site when they feel they get unjustly treated and need an answer.
  15. He hasn't been back to see the answer, or if he has he's quite rude and didn't say thankyou.
  16. Doesn't make him a troll. And given I have a just talked to someone else who this has happened to it seems to be something to watch out for in Sydney at the moment. Do your strap up properly. There is an overzealous copper looking for it.

    Though to tell the truth I have no idea why you wouldn't do it up properly, it's not like it is any less work or more comfortable to have it loose.
  17. Yep. Why bother putting the thing on your head if you're not going to bother doing it up properly.

    I'm interested to find out why he got pulled over in the first place?
  18. Well the guy I talked to was seen from across the road. The rider didn't even realise there was a cop. Cop pulled him over, and he had his helmet off while the copper was still behind him. So the cop got one fleeting sighting of it while he passed. Although he admitted that it was pretty loose.
  19. If it was so obviously loose that a cop could pick without looking closely, then tough titties.
  20. Must admit, I took off a few times while I was out riding yesterday with my strap not done up. I did only start riding yesterday, but I'll definitely not be making a habit of it!

    I've always been under the impression that it had to be both on AND fastened properly, otherwise it's the same fine as not wearing a helmet at all. (could be wrong, however, on the size of the fine)