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29 new helmets added to crash.org.au

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by NSSherlock, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Interesting, 29 new helmets added:

    Shark Vision R, AGV Grid, RJays SP2 (FF 359) and HJC IS-1 (have never heard of it) get high ratings for both Comfort and Protection.
    Brand name seems to have not much of an effect with different models from the same manufacturer having vastly different ratings.
    Well worth a look I reckon.

  2. Finally there's a helmet rating system in Oz, like the Sharp system in the UK! Nice find!
  3. Thanks

    When I saw the comfort rating I thought..."how subjective" but they include noise tests in a wind tunnel, and also force caused by wind.

    I think I might get a Shark Vision, I like that helmet when I tried it but wanted to know comfort on bike.
  4. The trouble with the comfort ratings is that they don't consider people with a big fat head, like mine... Most of their "comfortable" helmets won't even go onto my head because even their largest size gets stuck by the time the bottom of the helmet reaches my temples, and I'd damage it getting it on... For this reason, I have to wear helmets that have poor resistance to turning on the head, and these helmets also seem to be prone to wind noise.
  5. Seems like a bunch of helmets (e.g. Shark) get low scores for straps. Interesting. Why?
  6. Can see your point here.
    They say

    but then they go on to say:

    That's a narrow range.
    It would be difficult to accommodate all head shapes. Maybe we need to volunteer for comfort tests. Keep the most comfortable helmet of course.
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  7. If it's part of the crash protection rating then strap strength is rated but only has a 5% weighting.

  8. I don't think testing on a wide range of heads is all that important, you can test that in store (and really will be different for everyone). You can't test wind noise, ventilation and pressure on neck from wind in store.
  9. I dunno it seems kinda important to me...
  10. After a certain breaking strength it is irrelevant. Simoncelli's helmet came off because his strap broke, but it snapped his neck before doing that. Making it stronger is really irrelevant.
  11. so why include it then and mark helmets down for it?
  12. Interesting that some of the cheaper helmets are rated quite high. HJC IS for example.
  13. Still important to a point, if it does fail before a neck snap then that should be worth at least 5% off.
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    Wow my Shoei XR1100 only gets 3 stars and does very poorly on the strap etc.

    I think it would be entertaining to send them a premium non Australian Standards approved helmet such as the Schuberth C3 Pro and see how it "compares".

    I find it ironic that it is a requirement for AS that helmets use double D rings yet it scores poorly, would be interesting to see how the Schuberths ratchet style system holds up. The Schuberth is the only helmet I know of that uses dual straps on each side aswell to stop the helmet from being rolled off the head.
  15. I can vouch for the Shark Vision R. I haven't owned another helmet so cant comment on other brands but if the Shark was any more comfy I would go to bed with it still on my head. Zero buffeting at 110 + kays and only a little bit of wind noise and thats riding a Er6nl with no wind protection. It would be hard to imagine a helmet that's better.
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  16. It differs according to bike and head it's on. My Shark Vision R is noisy as hell at just about any speed, however it is very comfy with a great field of view.
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  17. Well, that'll upset the Shoei/Arai fanbois. Again. I can hear them sticking their fingers in their ears and going laalalalala from here :D.
  18. +1, I bought the IS-16 coz of price and the tinted internal visor.
    Turned out to be OK for $300ish.
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    I've owned a Shark RS2 Duhamel, a Suomy Vandal and an Arai Corsair V.

    The Arai is not only a touch more comfy (although I wouldn't complain about the comfyness of the other helmets), however so much more quieter, I was amazed.

    Lightness - Suomy
    Comfort - Arai
    Ease of Changing Visor - Arai
    Value - Shark
    Quietest - Arai

    I can honestly say that the Arai Corsair V is worth the extra money paid.
  20. Even if the comfort rating needs to be taken with a grain of salt due to personal head shape and bike design, the ratings give a good starting point for a shortlist of helmets to look at and try on. My Shark Vision R has been great, comfortable and quiet.