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28 degree Wednesday = Kinglake/Healesville

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by murchy, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Yo. wednesday is going to be 28, thursday-monday are going to be rainy.

    so i'm going on a ride. all welcome!

    Meet point: McDonalds cnr Whitehorse/Springvale Rd (http://g.co/maps/qetfj)

    Meet time: 9am

    Depart: 9:45am

    Route: http://g.co/maps/v89d8

    No doubt the po-po will be out in full force considering it'll be the first 28 degree day in **** knows how long, so ride will be conducted at the posted speed limits.

    come and stuff.

    I'd prefer you sign up on the facebook event too otherwise you might be left behind

  2. oh...thats YOU on facebook
  3. try not to sound so disappointed? :p
  4. Damn. Wish I could take a day off.... I think about keeping on riding while going to work. Especially yesterday & today - weather has been so perfect for riding.
  5. Yep perfect riding conditions, chilly in the morning so you don't get overheated on the way to the twisties, then hot mid morning when it doesn't matter anymore! :D

    Ah well, next time mate.
  6. S-U-P-E-R-K-E-E-N for this, currently trying to get out of work. will keep you posted :)

  7. tempting. very tempting.
  8. NIKE, Luke. :)
  9. Cool. Just try to put yourself down as attending on facebook if you're coming, I'll be putting up my mobile number for getting in contact with me on it as well.

    Do it.
  10. Nice one murchy.
    Quite possibly Vic's most popular route on 2 wheels and one I frequent at least once per week - usually weekday, especially for the latter part of the route :p

    'Tempting' is indeed the right word - if plans to take interstate (SYD) riders visiting downunder (for a crack at the GOR) fall through, then look out for a 'REPSOL' CBR ('04) Thou.

    Have fun and stay hydrated - the sudden spike in temp (from what we've been accustomed to lately) will be noticed...

    PS : Point 'B' on googlemaps (ie, Kinglake) is shown still south of the town centre - gets me all the time during ride-planning. I don't think anyone will actually stop there :LOL: ...well, here's to you all hoping, anyway. Just an observation bud.

  11. Saw this on facebook and I've been Hmmmm(ing) since...
    Luke and I are owed the black spur from last week....:p
  12. ah cheers mate, but yeah not really anywhere to go from that marked spot on the route - i think you'd fall off the edge of a cliff if you tried to stop on that little bit of road :p
  13. I might come along. I'm at PI next week, and haven't been on the bike for a few weeks. Need to get my game face going.
  14.  Top
  15. My shift for tomorrow has been moved....:(

    But on the other hand, I'm coming...:LOL:
  16. Ummmm, I'd like to join you... any chance of a ride by pick up at St. Andrews at the Hotel on the Burns Steet just before the Kinglake road? If I get there and wait for you @ 10:15am is that ok? Don't wait though cause there is a (small) chance I'll not make it due to work commitments. What type of bike should I be on the look out for?

  17. I don't like you guys anymore ](*,)

    Sooooooooo not fair ..... Grrrrr at having to work :(
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  18. Kitt, you look a little pale to me, really I mean kinda worrying...
    You must really be feeling too sick to work.... I mean really....8-[
  19. oooohhhhhhhhh ..... I know .. I know...

    Tempted to call in sick tomoz ..... unfortuantley that would then make my Thursday workload twice as big :(
    which would mean NO Thursday night ride for me ...

    Decisions ... Decisions :-s
  20. Murchy rides a white hyo. I'll be on a red and white R1, Raven will be on a blue Daytona.

    I'll try to remember to mention to murchy you might be waiting.