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270kph on the western freeway.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User_6, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. I'm leaving for Indonesia on the weekend, but left my battery charger (for my digital camera!) in Ballarat.
    Nothing to do but scoot over there and pick it up the other arfternoon. Feeling fairly flighty (in need of a ride day) I set off.

    I was originaly fired up by some kid in a nissan zx. Next you know its one wheel starts and up to 270ks coming out of the pentland hills towards Kryal Castle. Most of my time was spent at around 10-13,000rpm mark between 4th and 5th gear, only using 6th for the supurb straights that that freeway has to offer.

    Very much fun. Not really recommended tho.. But highly enjoyable just the same.

    Now its just see if i make the papers whilst I'm gone. Bloody hope not. I hate walking........ :roll:
  2. NICE I recomend every one get up and go every now and then. GOOD work.
  3. How long did it take?
    Normally takes an hour.... :eek:
  4. I assume that was on the Busa?
  5. Not sure, I left Bayswater at about 3pm (?) stopped at my parents in creswick, then had dinner at my sisters in ballarat, then back to melbourne (via creswick again) and was home as 7:30.
    I have travelled this Hwy thousands of times in my lifetime, on and in many assorted vehicles and this was by far the fastest I have ever made the trip.

    Nope, I gotta update that. the Busa has been sold. This run was on the trusty old Gixxer.
  6. i would've got them to courier it down personally...
  7. You're an idiot.
  8. i dont think bart liked what you did!
  9. did you scare the crap outta the cars that you passed?

    must've been quite a site seeing a bike fly by at 270km/h! :)
  10. Welcome to the forum, bart, a distinguished first post!!! :LOL:
  11. But an honest one and I agree, take it to the track. That could be one of my daughters he hits while having his fun.

    I have no problem being over the limit at times but 270 on open highway is just plain dumb, thats my opinion and as the member posted it here he obviously does not mind people commenting to his post. If he did he would have fond memories that he alone knows.
  12. I think we should let the air out of his tyres while he's in Indonesia :p
  13. If I was a cop (which I am not ) one of the things I would do would be to read these forums to see where group rides were going so,s I could be there to annoy the unwary. However it would be a bonus to read something like that
    The law would think all its birthdays have come at once.
    P.S. I agree with Bart
  14. hmmm I think E-kola could be a cop :-k
  15. I must say, speeds like that are a pretty stupid thing to do on a public road. But I can't condemn the man too much. I'd then be a hypocrit seeing that I've done similar speeds to that in the past on public roads. But my public road was a tad less trafficated than the western highway but either way it was a public road and I'm sorry. :(

    And the probability of me doing mid 200k speeds in the future...most likely will happen again one day. :roll: :roll: :roll: Bikes are evil...or they just make nice guys evil. :twisted: :grin:
  16. I totally agree with what the others have said about it being a rediculous speed at which to travel and clearly by what you have said above there was no great need to travel at that speed as you had plenty of time!!

    Very selfish

    PS I am the fiance of a police officer - just thought I'd disclose that - I'd hate not be transparent as some fcukwit decided a few months ago!
  17. at those speeds you're putting yourself & many others at risk. bad form.
  18. speeding on that section of highway, lucky you kept you licence!!
    Apart from that whens the vid of this trip being released??
  19. Hey Asto, you know when you post a thread like this Netrider automatically passes it along with your adress to the cops...

    You did know that, right?
  20. confession without proof is worth jack diddle!
    so before handing over addies wait for the video!