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27 laps just doesn't seem enough

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pringa8, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Saw them do a rear tyre change on Stoners rear tyre yesterday and they did it in about 10 seconds. I wonder if there's any reason MotoGP cant extend the races beyond a sprint race of 27 laps by introducing pit changes? Like 54 laps maybe? Or run a second bike with tyres ready to go and just jump on the second one with identical setup?

  2. 1. Fuel
    2. Physical endurance of the riders
    3. Takes some of the sport out of it. We don't want it to become a matter of pit strategy over actual racing.
    4. Superbikes I think have the right idea: Two races per event!
  3. compulsory pit time, like 20-30 seconds, and isn't there a Suzuka 24hr? Surely they could handle it. Yeah i hate races being won by pit strategy, F1 style. Two races per event might be good though. Its just all over so quickly!

  4. Suzuka is an 8hour :)

    But as for compulsory pit time, I'd be against that because if a rider is really in the zone it'll possibly break that. One of the things I like about MotoGP is that it's balls-to-the-wall going flat out the whole way.
  5. How did you feel after your last 54 consecutive laps at race pace?
  6. Only ever got to do club rounds max 14 laps, but would have loved to kept going!

    After seeing todays race, maybe 54 laps wouldn't be such a good idea. Lead would have stretched out over a minute!
  7. Fair go mate, these guys are putting 240 hp to the ground, sliding around corners at 60 degrees lean angle, and hitting 320 kph on the straights. They must be bloody exhausted after 27 laps! Plus they've got to deal with all the pre-race and post-race fanfare, and no doubt entertain and pleasure some hot model in the evening. :bannanabutt:

    Do you think you could handle all that?
  8. Jesus what's up with everyone and the agro tonight? Did I say fvck these guys are pussies, I could race twice as long?? I just want to see more racing! These guys are also professional athletes. And if blokes cand handle Isle of Mann and Suzuka 8 hr, i dont think a double stint is a major call.
  9. You're right, my comment read harsher than I meant - it was supposed to be a little tongue in cheek. :beer:
  10. MAJOR + 1 for the Superbikes format of 2 races per event! The more racing the better.
    And although it was a slightly boring race with f all overtaking up front, Rossi and especially Stoner rode the absolute pants off their machines! Stoners slides into/ out of lightning fast turn 3 were just ridiculous! What an absolute GUN.

    You are right though, Stoner's slides were incredible! Like the white paintjob too.
  12. Yeah, thought that looked really good too, also digged the white leathers
  13. 27 laps not enough? The race at PI was ~120kms all up in those 27 laps if I was listening correctly, thats about how much I manage at a full track day minus one session, but in a 40 or so minute period? I get buggered when they do 20 minute sessions instead of 15 minutes! Especially on hot days. 27 laps is already a feat of endurance at the level of racing they're at.
  14. 27 laps i reckon is enough.
    Gee whiz these guys are under 70kgs (thereabouts!!!) and they are on a piece of machinery that weighs around the 148kgs (thereabouts!!!) going at speeds up to +300kmh, for the 45mins, so i reckon they would feel every bit of that race after they stepped off the bike.

    I was stuffed after doing a 20mins session (6 laps) down the island, my only difference was i had a 40 min break til i had to go again!!!
  15. Yeah but this is what they get paid to do and if they were to train for it they could probably do it no sweat! C'mon x2 races would be MINT. Jorge would've gotten another chance too.
  16. Yeah i dunno if i liked the whites but that's just becasue the red and black is p0rn.
  17. i didn't like the white and I concur that it was too short.

    I can barely do 20 minutes on without being buggered but its a spectator sport and its just too short.

    Casey just needs a drink, a sandwich and a hug. Im sure most of the field could do 40 laps.

    Look at the isle of man TT. They do a wheel change and it works great
  18. Have you ridden on track?
  19. not enough in my opinion
  20. Nah all he needs is a quick peck on the check from his wonderful mrs and he'd be right to go! :grin: