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262kph on the Phillip Island main straight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Yes - this is a tongue in cheek post in referral to the other thread.

    Just got back from a track day at Phillip Island. Coming out of Turn 12 at around 180kph in 4th, throttle pinned, front wheel comes up over the slight rise onto the straight, hitting 225kph by the time the pit complex is reached, quick shift it up into 5th, bars waggling as the engine adjusts to the 5th gear revs, touching 250kph with the front end going light cresting over the ridge under the bridge, tachometer into the red line, flick up to 6th, heading slightly down-hill now, hold it, hold it, quick glance at speedo, 262kph just before sitting up into the wind-blast :shock: , touch the brakes for half a second before peeling into turn one at an indicated 180kph.

    Pity my lap times still suck though. :roll:
  2. show off :shock: :LOL:

    nice work

    what are your lap times like??
  3. woo sounds fun! I'd love to try that one day. 130km/hr indicated down the front straight on the Spada, throttle wide open :grin:
  4. Nice work! :eek:

    Sounds fun :)
  5. You should be ashamed of yourself, coming onto the forum and bragging about these sorts of obviously dangerous speeds! And I bet you had a T-shirt and shorts on too.
    People like you give all of us a bad name and give the drones in government good reason to single us out for persecution and special treatment.
    Shame, shame, is all I can say!
  6. I used to sit up at the end of the straight. The buffeting is considerable. That was until a fellow club member suggested staying tucked behind the screen. It avails you of a smoother ride and is much less disconcerting.
  7. Rather embarrassing. I guess I'll start with the usual excuses. Only been riding for about 2 months now, after a 5.5yr break. Am older, unfitter (really noticably), and heavier, and it's the first time I've taken the R1 to a track, and the last time I was at PI was 9 years ago, almost to the day.

    Had 6 x 20min sessions today, although due to incidents, riders from the earlier group not pulling in when their session was ended, and the overall schedule generally running slightly late it was more 3 x 20mins + 3 x 15mins.

    I was booked into the medium-slow group, which is meant to be 2:00-2:10 people. Sadly the group was heavily filled with 2:15-2:30 riders, and I was lapping some people twice, and really spent well over half my time negotiating traffic, looking to give them a wide berth as per the policy on the day. Only by the 5th session had I actually strung enough of the circuit together uninterrupted by traffic that I could actually focus on making improvements.

    Keeping in mind that none of the following times could ever be described as traffic free runs.

    1st session saw me doing 2:05, with a best of 2:03.
    2nd-3rd sessions saw me average 2:04 with a best of 2:02
    4-5th sessions saw me averaging 2:03, with a best of 2:01

    About here I finally started to string together a bit of a lap plan, started to isolate specific areas of the track that I wanted to concentrate on, and made some tweaks to the suspension. All a bit late though.

    At the end of the day I managed a 1:59 on a good lap with only two traffic interruptions to speak of, but was averaging 2:01, again due to negotiating traffic. I would say that on average I had to find my way past 3 bikes per lap, sometimes as many as 6. Needless to say, I found this a little disappointing.

    My mind is now buzzing with ideas and track plans, and specific sections of the track to focus on for improvement.

    In future I'll be booking myself into the medium-fast group as judging by the lap times they were getting, typically being 1:50-2:05, this group would be a better match. I really think that I could've had at least a 1:57 lap time in me today if had more of an opportunity to learn my interaction with the track earlier and been able to develop plans for improvement sooner.

    Overall I had a fantastically fun day. Spent most of the day familiarising myself with the track, and the bike. The R1 sure has a bit of poke when you wrench the throttle. Had to redevelop a whole new sense of respect for the bike's power when at full gallop, and really spent much of the day just working my throttle control to best deal with the R1's tendency to lift the front wheel off the track given any available opportunity, and quite often where you didn't really want it to do that.
  8. I've been told its a good effort to go under 2min on a street bike.. so good work.

    Edit: speelign
  9. Cathar, they are some big speeds.

    There is nothing like a track day. Living in Sydney I ride on Eastern Creek and Oran Park. I will one day make the trip for a track day at the island though. It is a great feeling when you watch the pros on tv race on the tracks you have ridden on.
  10. Yeah, getting under 2 mins was my goal today, and am glad to have done so.

    With some track plans in mind, I would set my next goal at 1:57 on the R1 on the next track day, and after that attempt to reach my desired goal of 1:55.

    I know that times of 1:47 or so are doable on a bone stock 2000 R1 on road tyres, but I'll just be letting times like that serve as a humbling reminder of the immense skill set gulf between myself, and those who are actually skilled.

    Oh, and here's an action shot on the day taken by a track photographer.

    Click here
  11. What did your track day set you back, Cathar? Really wanna get down there myself. :)
  12. Yes, after today's experience, I think that would be a good idea and will give that a go next time. Sitting up into the wind at 260kph is not pleasant at all. Thanks for the tip.
  13. $204, all up, but that including an optional lunch.

    $195 for the basic track-day event.

    Today's day was done through http://www.phillipislandridedays.com.au
  14. well done cathar,i still havent exerienced the track ride.2mins is great bud keep it up.
  15. Well done Cathar, and a nice photo too :)
    I'd love to go back to the Island for a track day, and I think I'll organise some holidays next spring and come over with a different bike, maybe you can brief me on the circuit before I get there :wink:

    I would say the worst thing about track days is having to negotiate the slower traffic, especially when there are people on the track going dangerously slow through corners.

    I'm packed and ready for my track day tomorrow, wish me luck :)
  16. How dare you bring this forum into disprepute by legally riding on a race track at 260km/h :wink:
  17. Top Photo sir!!!

    I'd love to do a track day except for three reasons.

    1. I'd be afraid of getting in the way of the scooters,

    but more seriously

    2. I can't bear to think of thrashing the bike, even though I know it could take it

    3. I'm too stingey to replace the stuff I'd wear out!

    But I do very much admire the people who do, and can, and tell us about it so we have the vicarious enjoyment....
  18.  Top
  19. Thanks everyone! :)

    Yeah, I know I'm such an irresposible person for doing 262kph legally. :LOL:

    Good luck! Have a great one! :grin:
  20. Nice photo - I reckon ride days could be seriously addictive!

    Cathar, can you remember the name of the crowd that took the photo? I meant to write down their website details when I was at PI last month for the Superbike School.