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VIC 260km/h high speed pursuit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Was there a track day at PI yesterday??

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    High speed intercept, Bass Highway
    Tuesday, 14 December 2010 14:46

    Police want to hear from any drivers who may have witnessed a high speed motorcycle intercept on the Bass Highway between Anderson and Grantville near Phillip Island last night.

    Police observed a group of three motorcycles pass travelling north towards Grantville on the Bass Highway at the intersection of Coast Road around 7.10pm.

    Whilst attempting to intercept the trio for a routine check, a black and red Suzuki GSXR accelerated to a high speed and continued north past the townships of Bass and Coronet Bay. The rider was wearing full black leathers and a small back pack.

    Police attempted to follow the Suzuki but the motorcycle was seen to accelerate at dangerous speeds of up to 260km/hr on the Bass Highway towards Grantville.

    Police continued into the township where they intercepted the Suzuki at the intersection of Pier Road at Grantville. The 32-year-old man from Queensland was found to be disqualified from driving in Victoria.

    The motorcycle was impounded and the driver is expected to be charged with speed, manner dangerous, careless driving, evade police, exceed speed limit by more than 45km/h and ride whilst disqualified.

    Any witnesses who observed the motorcycle travelling at high speed along the Bass Highway between Anderson and Grantville have been urged to contact the Bass Coast Highway Patrol.

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    Are any of those jail time offences?
  2. They obviously have mistaken the Bass Hwy for PI track.....8-[
  3. 260kph...........and no one died..............perhaps speed doesn't kill after all?
  4. Hmm must've been stuck in 2nd gear :D
  5. Why does everyone always run away in a straight line?
  6. Imagine all the catastrophy inflicted upon the kittens & puppies.

  7. Speed doesn't kill, it's the sudden deceleration. Hitting another vehicle at that speed would have been catastrophic for him and quite possibly the other driver.

    Doing that speed on that road is insane.
  8. Apparently for some people speeding isn’t dangerous.

    From the sounds of things the Police doesn’t have video/camera proof that the gentleman speeding and so are probably finding it hard pinning anything on him. Without speeding they wont have evasion and if the rider was so far away from the police to be properly seen and identified then their careless driving charge wouldn’t hold. The only thing they could properly charge him with would be riding disqualified. The police are getting desperate and trying to find bystanders who could back up their side of the story.
  9. Really, this has nothing to do with motorcycles.
    From the article, it's a person who is unlicensed but gone out anyway then tried not to get caught.
    Happens in any vehicle.
    Good thing is that no one got hurt.
    You can't help dumb sometimes.
  10. If they say he was doing 260 chances are they can prove it as well. Considering it was vic I wouldn't be surprised if he went through a speed camera or two on the way.

    I wouldnt be at all surprised. remember old mate from dubbo getting nine months for 170 in a 50 zone? that was just speeding, no evasion or anything else.

  11. They obviously haven’t watched Burn Notice. Apparently the best way to loose a car chasing you isn’t high speed chases but by low speed and outmanoeuvring it, this should be hard on a motorbike. Isn’t TV wonderful lol?
  12. That's the theory for losing a tail in the city. This is country. http://goo.gl/maps/jGGt

    The dude was from QLD. If he was a local he MIGHT have had a chance on the local twisties... mind you, at high speeds, some of those true back roads are treacherous.

  13. Not many roads he could possibly loose them could he? If that was me I would simply try to loose them then hide in the bush for a day ;). Although if that was me running away wont be an option since my bike would definitely get slaughtered by the average Police paddy wagon for speed.
  14. See my signature :p.

    Re-read the post. He simply points out the high risk of travelling at speeds far above the speed of other traffic and design specifications of the road, in an uncontrolled environment. He doesn't specify vehicle type.

    With the right type of bike, one could simply take a few goat tracks and be golden (assuming the police have no way of identifying the rider or bike). Of course, I in no way endorse illegal activities.
  15. what an idiot; he's disqualified and he draws attention to himself by trying to evade the Police...
  16. Clearly, reducing the speed limit would prevent this.:bolt:
  17. No true at all. For matters where the public may have seen something it's pretty standard practice to ask for witnesses from the public to come forward.

    The cops only have to prove he was > 45 over as that's the highest speed bracket, they don't have to prove he was doing 260 but no doubt the statement of facts will say they believe he was travelling that fast.

    He should be locked away IMO for a while for what he did.
  18. Alright lets just put down the pitchforks. Jailtime is silly.
  19. Its about proof and from reading the original article it really seems that the police have diddly squat. They couldnt accurately guage the speed the bike was going and seemed to have been left way behind to provide proof of wreckless riding. The only thing they could pin would be driving unlicensed.

    I do agree with you that this particular rider be locked up, I wouldnt hold my breath of this happening though.

  20. blah blah blah

    the Police have the training to both clock and estimate speed and that's all a sensible magistrate requires

    people get let off for swearing at and spitting on Police too; that doesn't make the act any less stupid, vulgar or socially unacceptable, it just demeans the Law.....