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25th july run kilcoy gage of intrest

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by benjamin78au, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. 25th july run kilcoy run

    Same run as we have been on before, just trying to gauge interest.

    Meet point will now the caltex at stamford We'll be leaving at around 830am, so please aim for 8 arrival so that we can go through the pre-ride formalities.

    More a casual, new riders, sight seeing ride then point a to b, so a bout a 2 on the scale.

    Possible could tee up with members to do photos some where along the line if there is interest in that as well.

    Twos company +1
    Le squid
    scott rr
    Coal train +4


    Data queue
    shaneo +2
  2. you mean, I presume, GAUGE interest???
  3. Yeah , i cant spell.
  4. Ben - Ill be up for that if Im in town. Good route to. Ill bring the canon along to take some photos.
  5. sounds good (y)
  6. Should be able to make it up there :)
  7. Me and the misses as pillion will definately be up for this one. It will be our first with this forum.
  8. Im interested - my only suggestion would be to reverse the route from the map there - much of the trip is better in the other direction, especially the firebolt run from Wivenhoe up to Glorious (while heading down is more an exercise in rear brake control and dodge the gravel/4WD). The police has also more or less cleared out of Glorious by Sunday afternoon (I think they head off to the Bruce and Pacific to pick off speeding motorists coming back from the coast!). Sadly avoiding the cops about Mt Mee is near impossible as they are locals rather then the Brisbane HWP.
  9. I'd do it but i'll be on holiday in nzl :D
  10. I'm up for that.
    I agree the route would be better if done in the reverse direction.
  11. We would be keen for this aswell.


  12. Put me down as a tentative yes.
  13. I know its like a month and a half away, but I'm pretty excited about this ride.... just thought i would get it out there.
  14. cool, good to see some interest so early on. Might see if we can have a few leaders and a few tail end chalies, so allows a few people to try a role or 2 they havent done before.
  15. if you need them, sign me up
  16. Yeah I don't mind Leading or Tailing on any of the legs if required.
  17. Yeah I'll happily TEC for a bit too :)
  18. so it's settled is it, we will break into groups of one... that way we can all TEC and lead.

    I like it :-s
  19. well just thought sam might like to go some where other then TEC as he has done it for last few runs,

    Thinking of put one of the faster guys up front at the end of day , when we kick thru the hills. so front isn't being held up . but at begining of day , we will probly be a little more catious as roads will be damp. So if you want either front or rear on the pack , hollar out.

    Any one heard from muttly and others? How did he do the original map as would like to update it for this run
  20. I will be 2 up and dont mind having a lead or a rear role as it were. May be an advantage having us at the back as we are easy to spot being 2up. Whilst I have not ridden with you guys before it sounds as though you use the same drop off marker system that we used back in the UK when organizing rides so should be sweet. Quite excited as not ridden with others in Oz yet.