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250s with TERRIBLE exhausts in Sydney?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by John.R, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. I'm working in Sydney for the week, and during my time have been checking out bikes etc like I always do.

    The thing that has really struck me about bikes in Sydney is that there seem to be an endless supply for Learner 250's with just abhorrent exhaust cans.

    I'm all for modifying bikes, and like loud exhausts. But the cheap knockoffs people put on these 250's to make them louder are terrible. They seriously sound like sh*t.

    Its was funny hearing a stock ninja earlier, it actually sounded so much better!

    Any reason why 250 owners do this to their bikes?

    (inb4 loud pipes save lives)
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  2. no matter what they do a 250cc jap bike will always sound like crap ,,,,,
  3. 250cc 4 stroke maybe. There's nothing quite like the sound of a 250 2 stroke at full noise.
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  4. If it was a 250cc 2 smoker I'd have whiplash from spinning my head to check it out haha
  5. the REALLY sad thing is that the louder they are the slower they are going :LOL:
  6. Im keeping well away from this one....
  7. Well I guess I fit into this category so here are my answers:

    - Stock exhaust was ugly as sin (cbr250r)
    - Louder = safer

    In my defence I did research and pick the quietest of the aftermarket slipons I cound find and the silencer will never be removed.

    I'm happy with the current sound of the bike but I need (want) the two points above to be fixed, this was my option.
  8. Only reason I changed the exhaust on my 2011 CBR250 was cause the stock one was ugly as ass, the resulting extremely loud dirt bike noise was just an added bonus.:bannanabutt::biker:
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  9. Hmm the latest gen cibber twofiddys don't really count because being a single cylinder engine they actually sound quite decent with an aftermarket slip-on.
  10. No, they don't lol:rofl:
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  11. I know a guy with a CBR 250 that is like 15 years old. It has a sport can and it screams! Its unbelievable how that machine sound more like a 1000cc than 250cc. I thing it sounds awesome, but I'll probably get a bit tired in the head after a while.
  12. The whole bike is ugly as ass.
  13. lets get it right,,,all jap bikes sound like crap to me ,,,new old what ever they are .you guys spend big dollars on cans and all it does is make them louder
  14. What's your point? If most people are honest with you the only reason anyone puts an aftermarket pipe on any bike is to make it louder. Although there are some butt ugly standard pipes around.
  15. That's nice to hear mate.
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  16. Ouch, right in the feelings
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Lol did you not here mine? No they don't :p
  19. Now that just couldnt be any further from the truth :eek:

  20. Interestingly, I've always been struck by how much better the XS650 sounds with aftermarket pipes than a Meriden Bonnie with aftermarkets (I'm referring to Bonnies because they're the ones you see, regularly enough, on the road). And my bias would lean me very much toward the Bonnie (I'd much, much rather own the latter) but I cannot deny what my ears are telling me. The XS has a more clipped sound, a greater definition and tone, whereas the Bonnies can tend - by comparison - to sound a bit mushy. This is with reference to after-market pipes on both bikes. I can't understand why so many of the Bonneville owners "spend big money on cans and all it does it make them sound louder" and trashier.

    Nothing sounds as good as a British bike (or a lot, thereof) with stock pipes.

    Oh yes, and on topic, not only do those little bikes sound terrible, their aftermarket pipes look ugly and cheap. But they're boy racer bikes, so what does anybody expect?