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250's VS Car's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mase250, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. I'am currently looking for my first 250 bike, i thingk iv decided to go for a Hyosung gt250r but from what iv read its quite abit slower than the Cbr250 and the Zx2r which what i was first going to get. the Hyosung has a top speed around 155kph (iv read) where as the cbr and zxr have something around the 160+mark. and the hyosung weighs about 30kg more in comparison.

    im happy with a top speed of 155 but what i really care about is acceleration, i want to be able to beat my mates cars cuz i talk bikes up so much :p my question really is, will a Hyosung gt250r that weighs 155kg be able to beat a general un turbo car of the line and through to 100 kph ?
  2. errrrmmm, your deep interest in top speed scares me. Our speed limits are the same as cars.

    That said, bikes have a much better power to weight ratio than cars. A gt250r will be much quicker than your average non-turbo car.
  3. I had a drag with my friend in his VL turbo (sik mate) on my ZZR250 i lost.. only just. If i had a rematch i might actually win, cuase it was when i first got my bike :cry:

    This doesnt answer any of your questions
  4. It's your first bike and your not gonna be able to beat everything on the road with a 250 no matter what type it is.
    Why not learn on this bike and then upgrade to something that can leave your mates car in the dust.
  5. I wonder how an Aprilia RS 250 would go? May be a litle slow off the line initially, but perhaps it could speed up when the power band kicks in...
  6. RS 250 isn't leaner legal, at least in NSW.

    Short highly generic answer. A 250 will beat everything at the lights except a V8, Ute or turbo.
  7. Ahh, yes, forgot about the legalities...
  8. Why not a Ute?.....or have I just missed the warp drive button on my Proton Jumbuck?
  9. I haven't riden on a Hysong, and I would like to so i can base my theories, but as per a previous thread (i'm sure Mouth will pull up the link for us ;) )...
    But i've been led to believe that the Hyosong is the equivelent to a Hyundai... and my mech said he pulled apart a clutch.... cardboard was what he found... :|
  10. Your 250 will beat some V8s too, at least to 80km/h or 100km/h. You won't when you first start riding it though - gotta learn launch control, just like a car. I can keep up with a friend's Pursuit 250 ute until about 80km/h. Admittedly he's got the auto version. :p
  11. Dont understand the ute remark... i mean utes are generally lighter but they struggle for traction at the lights... unless theyre set up for it ofcourse.

    I had a zzr250 that was in pretty good nick... im assuming it was sportin the average power for such a bike. It wasnt slow but the vn ss i had at the time was certainly quicker and when someone stole that i bought a vb with a mildly worked 308 and that was easily quicker...

    This comes up alot... i dont know much about the hyosung but ive ridden a couple of cbr250s and i spose theyre quick enough to beat older smaller capacity cars but it really depends on what exact cars ya talkin about, the mechanical condition of both vehicles and ofcourse the skill level of the pilots..

    Anyways i wouldnt be doin to much draggin till ya get the hang of whatever ya buy... Who really cares if ya quicker than ya mates cars? soon as you get a bike theyll all wanna get one anyway..
  12. literally? :shock:
  13. tis what he told me, and i asked are you sure, he said he could peel it away with his thumb... :?

  14. Id also imagine that he has ALOT of trouble gettin power down... ive driven one of those and theyre torquey as fcuk... love those stroker engines.
  15. Yes and no - the auto makes putting power on the ground not that difficult, but does sap it's straight line advantage.
  16. I've beaten plenty of V8s off line and past 100kmh. Crewman ute tried to drag me off the other day. :LOL: Flogged him.
  17. That's 'cause their weight is up around the 1800kg mark. Seriously most cars on the road now are autos which will put them at somewhat of a disadvantage however if you are trying to lanesplit on a 250 and it looks like the car in front is modified, high powered, or has a driver that looks like they are going to try and race - best bet is to just let them go. There is a always the possibility that an unskilled driver trying to race you could lose control of the car in which case you don't want to be anywhere near them, since you can't get safely in front best option is to hang back - you'll probably end up catching them at the next intersection anyway. Oh and when it comes to accelerating from 80-100kph, forget it - most cars will leave a 250 for dead.
  18. hhmmm...

    i beat a mates HK ute with a 307 chev and fat tyres yesterday. he doesn't have a bug catcher on it or anything but that cars got a bit of power.

    I disagree. my bike at 80k/h has still got heaps of power in the right rev range to give most cars a good run.

    btw if your on a cbr, zxr or fzr. keep your revs up nice and high when you take off at the lights other wise they'll beat you to 40. and don't even give em that much to brag about.
  19. mase - it's that attitude that gives us all the tag of "Temporary Australians". You get out there, wind her out to 12,000rpm in 1st, through 2nd, into 3rd, find yourself at 120 clicks between the lights, then meet a red light runner, a dog, a kid with a ball and guess what, one of you are gonna be toast, most likely you. But if you came off OK and killed a kid, would it have been worth it just to blow your mate off line ?

    For God's sake, think again.
  20. Had an incident last night, I was in the MR2 in the left lane, older car to the right with a CBR250RR in the right hand turn lane. Now I was wanting to get ahead of the other car to change into the right lane so left the line reasonably quick but nothing stupid (short shifted into second midway through the intersection, wasn't using full throttle). The CBR however launched hard from the lights (could hear the engine revs clearly) and was going straight through from the right turn lane - thing is he was really only matching the pace of my car (and there's plenty of cars out there faster than mine). The lesson in this is that had I been in the right lane and accelerating harder this CBR rider would have suddenly found himself mid-intersection at 60kph with nowhere to go.