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250s for learners your ideas and dislikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by andrew8683, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. hi all ,

    im going to be purchasing a road bike soon , but living in vic means that being on your L s you are required to ride a 250 , , so ok a 250 is all good but for a big bloke like me i might as well be riding a qr 50 lol ,

    Has anyone on there Ls been caught riding a over powered bike and if so what what happened?

  2. Read thru some old posts or do a search - heaps of posts on this stuff.
  3. hey dont risk it, i got caught and was charged with unlicenced riding which came with a $524 fine. currently in the process of getting the fine changed to failure to display p and riding above restrictions. just not worth it.
  4. Yhe worst thing is when you have an accident... If it is NOT your foult you still get fined (B/W $115 and $500+) but if it IS your foult they throw the book at you... and than you can be for some big $$
  5. yeh i thought that may be the case , im currently riding a 600 on dirt only.
    though i wonder if they would be as harsh with the fines in the bush?? on the up side im only a few months away from my p s so i think il wait till then
  6. Better to pay the caution game on this one - as for the bush, depends where, when and how much attention you attract when you ride - coppers have their little moments when they target areas and riders!
  7. what a hard job those coppers have ...not
    ridding all day every day travling around victoria' s best riding destinations
  8. When I lived in Tassie, I remember trying following a copper thru Grasstree Hill (a popular scratching road near Hobart for those who didn't know), me on a SRV250, him on a cop issue Beemer. I could ride that stretch well and on a fine-handling bike I thougt I'd be a chance. No way - he was smooooth baby - lucky bugger - and to be paid to ride, even better!
  9. keep away from jembrook, coppers have been there everytime i've gone, they tend to hand around under the powerlines at the tops of hills and look at the riders with there binoculars.