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250's at 100km/h +

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jadas, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm a newbie here, looking to make my first purchase very soon. I'm after something that will sit comfortably on the highway, but really dont want to buy anything too big. A LAMS 500cc would be ok, but my question is really this:
    Are there any 250's that will be happy doing highway km's without revving too much, that I should look into?

  2. I have a hyo 250gtr it sits fine at 100 even 110, less power obviously, but sits great, rides well without revving too high
  3. Ninja/gpx 250 will hapily sit at highway speeds all day long with plenty to spare
  4. yup...gpx 250 got a 98 model...she's not even in perfect runnin order.. she'll comfortably do 100-120kmph ...once she gets upto about 9-11k rpm in 6th is when she's sittin on 135-140 area (floggin her lil ass)
  5. I guess I'm leaning towad a 250 mostly cos I'm only small, and the 500 I sat on last week felt so big!
  6. Jadas, have u had a look at the Suzuki GS500?? Cracking good first bike, happy on the highway, cheap to maintain, suits the small stature person. AND some great prices around at the dealers right now.
  7. i had a gpx250 and it went 100 nps... most i got it to was $1.80, that was full bore down a hill though :)
  8. Yes I have had a look at the gs500, in fact it was one of those that I sat on and felt was quite big! Part of me also suspects that I would soon get used to the size. So far my only real comparison has been the CB250 i got my L's on...
  9. The only problem with 250's as that manufacturers sometimes gear them for lower speeds (and still insist on pathetic fuel tanks).
    Saying that, if you're certain that you're going to be riding for some time & will never want a 'big' bike, I'd suggest that you do at least consider a bigger LAMS compliant bike.
    The other option is getting a cheap (decent) 2nd hand 250 (mind you, dealers will rip you off) bike that you'll only want for a year or two.
  10. My old ninja 250 and CBR 250 sit on 100-120 just fine...they're meant to be revved :)
  11. Why are the freeway speed revs important?

    - - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  12. I have a GS500F. I understand what tou mean about them feeling big but believe me that goes away quick as you settle in on one.
    On the freeways it is a really nice ride due to it being a sports/tourer. So you are not hunched right over but then you are not sitting up like riding a donkey either.
    I am only 5'7" so the seat height is excellent for me.
    If you want to know anymore let me know. I only got it in March but happy to help.
  13. I'm only really using freeway revs as an indication of how hard they work at speed. Also how comfortable they'll be to sit on for a few hours or so.

    MelbourneMick, how much adjustability is there in the seat height? Is the listed 790mm taken at the lowest settng?
  14. Only had my 250-X7 up to 100 a few times and it felt skittish, like it was about to take of (X7 is near to the ninja 250 in power and weight). The bigger bikes I have ridden since then feel a lot more planted and stable at speed.

    And the secret to rideing a 250 fast is to keep the momentum, the revs and the speed up. Makes them tireing to ride long distance.

    Sure the 250's can do it, but the 500 will do it better.
  15. The old CBR250 I test-rode for a friend felt a hell of a lot easier at 100kph than my SR500 or XV535....

    But that's where the better-ness stopped ;)
  16. High revving 250s tend to sound rather whiny. Can be annoying for some...
  17. I think a lot of people come from cars to bikes and get a bit freaked out by the rev range IMO.
  18. i hit 150 in the straight of the spur on my vtr250 and i weigh 100kg lol
  19. Ths would be my choice. Or the honda 400 with the abs.
  20. +1 for dealers bein rip offs...best off having a friend or family member that knows about bikes to have a look over a bike your lookin at buying off someone (bikesales.com.au/tradingpost.com ect) it'll prob save you a grand or two