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250's and pillions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Just interested if anyone knows which 250's perform better than otheres when carrying a pillion (not that any will go terrific with the extra weight)

    Just interested for information sake...... may influence bike choice a bit.



  2. What sort of bike are you interested in Drew? Sporty or cruiser?
    I did my level 2 course yesterday in Tasmania so am gonna take a pillion on my Hyosung Aquilla GV250 this week.
    I will let you know how it went.
    BTW, the Aquilla has an awesome queen seat on the back and with the backrest on there looks very comfortable.
  3. a twin would probably do it a bit easier than a 4, at low speeds anyways, but i wouldn't be getting a 250 to carry anyone around. better off selling the 250 and getting a bigger bike when the time comes that you can take pillions. an older, bigger bike for the same money would DEFINATELY handle it better...
  4. Just a heads up, whilst still being restricted to 250's in Vic, you aren't allowed to carry pillions. You most probably (well most people do) will want to instantly upgrade your cc once restrictions come off so pillions most liklely won't be on your bike legally if this applies to you. Just letting you know cause I was recently wondering the same thing until I thought I can't legally carry pillions and once I come off my restrictions, I plan to already have a 250cc+ bike waiting to be ridden :)
  5. looking at naked/touring. Don't like cruisers much. Not after GP lookylikey either.

    solid and reliable but with some go in it is what i'm after... ie CB250 is not getting a look.

    Was looking at SPADA or a GPX250 mainly and wondering on performance with a passenger.

    so far... in order of preference for comfort and seat position... my list looks like

    Honda SPADA
    Kawa GPX250 (fits possible budget best)
    Suzuki Across (but sells for more that my budget is going to be)
    Kawa ZZR250

    haen't found a yamaha yet
  6. on my old ZZR250 carrying a pillion was a hassle, especially in the city - the extra weight made the getting the bike going from lights a biatch. the v-twin of the VTR makes it heaps easier though as coconuts said, long distances are a chore.
  7. i'm aware of the restrictions etc.

    Main purpose is that whie i don't have a bike yet... it is likely that i will nor be able to upgrade as soon as i'm off them..... and as the missus has now begun to show interest in being Biked around the place.... thought i'd just check to so what would do the trick (if slowly) until an upgrade could be ready.

    Of course if work keeps being nice to me (it's good to have a reasonable boss) with payrises things should be looking good by then
  8. I guess it has a lot with pillion size :D I hauled a 50 kg pillion to Sorrento and back on my virago with no probs at all.
  9. well our town has 1 set of traffic lights... so thats not a major concern..... would be doing a number of 100Km trips up the highway though.

    My (inexperienced) opinion is that the Spada would possibly be slightly better due to hight torque... a VTR250 would be similar but that's in the too much $ bracket at current standings

    looking at up to about $3500-$4000 absolute max for the bike. have a separate budget for gear
  10. let's hope you can afford another bike 250cc+ soon as you can :)
  11. my pillion i a bit more than that.

  12. yeah.... but gotta get the 250 first..... and the L's.
  13. (On private roads :) ) I've pillioned an 80kg mate on both my gpx250 and his zx2r and found the gpx to be much much nicer.

    Comfort wise, the gpx has a bar for the pillion to hang onto on the back, and the seat is big enough that you're not ramming each other. The zx2r was horrible, I'm not sure I'm still fertile after the ramming my boys got from the tank, there just isn't enough room for 2 reasonable sized guys on it.

    Handling wise, the zx2r sits the pillion quite a bit higher than the gpx, which throws off the centre of gravity and over emphasises the weight and movements of the pillion, it's apparently quite a workout for the pillion as well. And acceleration is the same story, the gpx just goes slower, where the zx2r really feels like it struggles until the bike is screaming.

    Stay away from the small 4's if pillion ability is what you're after. In my experience, the gpx is very easy and comfortable to pillion on, much more so than I expected.

  14. Well GPX or SPADA seem to be getting votes so far.

    happy with either... suppose it might come down to price and insurance matters in the end.

    Thanks for all your comments guys..... now I've just got to get the L's and the 1st bike....
  15. I've ridden two up on a ZZR250, was able to easily do the speed limit on the highway and still overtake if needed. Naturally a bit sluggish in stop start traffic, but hell, you can't expect miracles. Oh yeah, the pillion did complain bitterly about the seat after about 45minutes.
  16. just curious as to know what the fine is for pillioning someone while still on restrictions?
  17. Can't see where that recommendation comes from given that most 4 cylinder 250s produce more power and/or more torque than parallel/v twin 250s.
  18. My ZXR250 carries me (80kg) and my girlfriend (45kg) with relative ease. Acceleration and drive up hills suffers but other than that it's fine.
  19. but they have NOTHING below 5k, and some still dont produce real power till 8-10k. stop start would become an issue for the clutch with the way you'd have to take off without bogging right down.

    the 4s might be more gutsy, but its too high up and they've not got enuff down low. the twins start making power earlier so its just easier to get around with more weight.

    once you hit the big bores tho, its not such an issue. my old 600 had no problem with my 55kg pillion. but my 55kg pillion has a problem with the 750 :twisted: :LOL:
  20. have pillioned on my gpx250 with difficulty. Struggled to get from 1st to second, struggled a little less from 2nd to third... once it got going it was ok, but otherwise sucked.

    Maybe I should look into getting pillions air dropped once ive hit 100kmph?