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250s and long tours

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by krabi, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Talking with bike riders who have been riding for quite sometime, I always here how they rode 250s and smaller far and wide. However, it seems that taking a 250 out for a long tour is frowned upon these days. So, my question is this; What is the problem with taking my Yamaha XV250 on a nice long ride (with my tiny wife on the back) lets say on the Putty Road or the likes? Is it that bad for the bike? Were bikes in the "old" days better than the one's now? I can't really afford to upgrade my bike as I use it for commuting.
    Anyhow, just after some collective wisdom on this matter as I, too, do enjoy a nice long cruise. Hiring is out of the question, talk about a rip off. $600 for three days and a decent size deposit!!

  2. I would have thought they'd be even better practically with the outstanding range to a tank they provide? I don't know any mechanical reason why you shouldn't.
  3. Theres nothing wrong with it at all mate. Go out and enjoy yourself :)

    Just ask Rosie!
  4. I once did a 450km trip on my xs250- it was pure hell. My feet and hands felt all fuzzy and strange once off... but that was a crap bike. Go for it, the least it would be is an experience.
  5. Can't see why it can't be done? Done quite a few 800km days on my VTR250 despite having cramped legroom on the bike.

    Just keep hydrated (Camelbak or similar)!
  6. Man you guys are quick! Does your response time on this forum match your average riding speed?
    Well it sounds like I'll give it a go and shrug off all the awww isn't that a cute little bike comments.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence
  7. Sure you can tour on a 250. Its just a bit buzzier and slower then a big bike. A bit more tiring, as well, having to work the engine more. Lots of lazy torque makes for relaxed touring/cruising. Have fun! :grin:
  8. It is true about the fuzzy hands and numb bum thouugh :grin:
  9. I did a couple of 800+ km weekends on my Across. It was a little bit more fatiguing than on the 600, but entirely do-able and enjoyable. Just be aware that two-up the handling and performance will be affected. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Cute little bike comments,

    try riding a CBR 125,

    They always pay out the small rear wheel!! :evil:
  11. two words: numb bum

    but otherwise, great! get heaps of K's to a tank just be smart with traffic and overtaking and fatigue and all the usual stuff
  12. ive done a few big days so far on my VTR, close to 800km, and a few slightly lesser. these touring, it took a while, and tires you a bit, but prepare for it properly, and keep hydrated and you'll be fine.

    as mentioned, the range available due to a standard tank and a small capacity engine is awesome, 300km before reserve for me! thats ~$16 of petrol! :shock:

    another big day for me was about 450km in the hills. almost all twisties, and i wasnt going slow enough to check out the scenery :wink: that made me more physically tired than the touring km's, i was a bit sorer in the knees etc from all the movement on the bike.

    i plan on doing more long km days on my trusty lil steed, and hopefully even some I.B.A. length rides :)

    stop asking, and start doing :grin:
  13. So let me see
    numb bum check!
    numb hands, check!
    take it easy, check check!
    Have a few stops check!
    Have fun and enjoy, triple check!
    You folks have been very helpful and maybe if it goes well, it might convince my wife that I "need" to upgrade! I can only hope!
  14. You can tour on anything! Pete Thoeming (the Bear) rode an XT250 Honda single from the UK to Australia. I've done Adelaide to Bathurst return on an RD250 Yamaha, an RD350 Yamaha and 2 up on a Suzuki 380 twostroke triple. :?

    My daughter did Melbourne - Mt Gambier return twice on her Spada and did a lot of 400k+ rides on it. You may or may not get a numb bum or numb hands - it depends entirely on your bike. You'll be OK sitting at around the speed limit (unless there's hills).

    Get a sheepskin seat cover if you're worried about your bum. :LOL:

    Just remember that your fuel consumption may drop considerably 2-up and your braking distances lengthen considerably.
  15. No doubt it can be done, but a lot of 250's now are emphasised on being small, and most of the time more cramped. I could ride an old cb250 for ages and still be relatively comfy, not so with a lot of bikes now.
  16. i say go for it.

    my gpx loves being loaded to the rafters and taken for a burn, however its outstanding fuel economy substantially decreases with the extra weight.

    also if you have to fight wind all the way it can get extremely tiring which would be alleviated somewhat on a bigger bike

    all u have to do is enjoy it for what it is :)
  17. Did 450kms twice in 3 days on my ZXR-250. (Mt Gambier to Adelaide.)

    Also did Mt Gambier to Melbourne and back over a long weekend.

    As has been said about numb bums, numb hands. Add to that a burning right shoulder, due to the weight always being on that arm. (You can let go with the left and swing it round to get some feeling back.)

    The melbourne trip seemed to be more do-able due to the great ocean road being a large part of the trip. It's amazing how you forget about pain when you're in the zone on a great piece of road.
  18. 2000kms over 3 days on my zzr250. But it'd be much nicer on the zzr than a virago.
  19. I've done a few weekend trips at 400km+ a day on the srx250, only issue I had was a sore arse at the end of the day. I did have to stop for fuel every 150km's though so it forced be to take decent breaks.
    The girl I bought it from used to do big day trips 2 up up as well.
  20. luckily enough I'm not planning on doing 400km days. I was thinking more of 160km days. I'm looking at going down Wisemans Ferry Road, then across to Lithgow, then Oberon, up to Hartley, then Glenbrook, and to the Central Coast up the Old Pacific Highway. (aprox 489kms in three days).
    The feeling I'm getting from everyone is that I should not have "size" envy at this stage of my riding career (since June 2006).
    I've ridden the Virago down to Sydney from Newcastle and I can say it was hard going on the freeway as it was boring! I would say the stretch of road on the F3 from Newcastle to the Central Coast has to be one of the most boring around. I kind of figured that if I go with my wife and travel on nice roads it won't be as boring. and I have access to an intercom unit.
    Thanks once again for the pep up folks, it is much appreciated.