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250rr indicators not working, HELP?!?! whats wrong??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BKN, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was working on my cbr250rr before installing my new led indicators. i wired them up and they worked fine. just before i soldered the wires together i decided to check that they were working one last time, and they werent. the indicator on the dash does not even click or work.

    i have checked all fuses at the front and still no luck. have i fried something? i dont know what i could have stuffed up, all i did was disconnect and reconnect the wires. and they WERE working fine for a while.

    any help?
  2. your normal incandescant indicators work if you and hook them back on?

    Did you try and fire up the bike and that is ok?

    Do your LEDs have integrated resistors in them? If not, that may be your problem, you didn't control the voltage/current through the LEDs causing them to pop.

  3. the led indicators are fine i tested them they are still alive. something else is stuffed up.

    i started the bike up and its still no good. i will try to hook up the original indicators on tomorrow but i doubt that'll fix anything. the dash light is my main concern because it doesnt even click or light up so im worried something else is stuffed.
  4. make sure you got the polarities right and make sure you have a good earth with low resistance. if that dont work bench test the new lights to see if theyre ok, then try checking all the fuses ect. and if that dont work sell the bike.
  5. Have you got a wiring diagram for the bike?
    You will have to start fault finding on the instruments circuit to make sure you didn't destroy anything on that. You have checked relays and what ever else too?
  6. +1 to plugging in the old ones, try that first.
    Still no luck then investigate further.

    I had indicator issues this week when i installed some smaller ones on my wifes bike, one worked fine, the other did not.

    Plugged in the old one, works fine. Look at the new not working one and the globe was only 10watt the bike needs 23watt globes...
  7. ok the old ones work fine now that i've plugged them in. basically and obviously theres a different wattage output from the factory and aftermarket globes causing some problems.

    does anyone know what kind of resistors i need? or a quick fix to get them flashing properly

  8. If there is any technical data on these LED indicators it would be good if you could post it up.

    I know others have done this before so I haven't gotten around to doing the resistor calc size.
  9. Jay-Car should be able to give you all the info and right LED's, they're nearly every where I think.
  10. You'll find that there may not be enough resistance in the LEDs to pull the relay circuit on and off, test the LEDs by placing a battery on it to make sure it lights up.

    We had to change the relay on a mates R6 because they would lock off for awhile if the relay overloaded.
  11. LEDs have neglible resistance, I think. You could probably, as a quick fix, just measure the resistance of the old globes, and wire a resistor around that size in series with the LEDs.