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$250ish for bike ignition barrel, cheap ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kyro_02, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. I needed a new Bike Ignition barrel, so I went to a bike shop .. they are after around $250.. is this reasonable price? cause I had to ask him to say it again .... he did suggest to me to go to lock smith and get them to make a key to fit it... but I believe the whole barrel is nackered and no matter what key goes in... its gonna come out. :(

  2. Sounds like good advice to me kyro. It should be fixable providing it hasnt had a big screwdriver forced into it.

    EDIT: have you tried any wreckers? Maybe what you could be asking is, is it the same barrel as other bikes?
  3. the only wreckers close to me that I know of, is about 50-60km's away, I don't have a vehicle .. and I don't want to risk it on the bike really, cause it says on my unreg permit I can't go anywhere to get parts :(
  4. Try $700 for an ignition switch for a Saab 9-3 Convertible! One of the reasons I ditched that car quick smart before the warranty ran out.
  5. I don't understand why they would charge so much for a barrel for a 85' year bike . i can get barrels for cars cheap as chips :(

    I, however, would understand if the barrel was gold plated
  6. Try $1,800 for a HISS-equipped '04 CBR600RR. (My mate lost his one and only key :shock: )
  7. Hmmmm....you win!
  8. Ouch, i heard they were expensive but that's a joke. Honda you should be ashamed of yourselves.
  9. Hmm One Key?
    There is something not quite right here
    My R6 came with two black ignition keys and one red programming
    key which i was told dont loose because you have to change your ignition pack, so maybe the $1800 was for the ignition pack.
  10. damm dude i tell ya what ya can do, 1st ring honda and abuse them after owning 3 hondas i know they r a rip

    Just hotwire it and dont use the barrel. Place a switch in a conceled location on the bike and ur set.
  11. It's the same if your modern Yamaha has a fcuked ignition barrell due to thieves - $1800.

    For that price you do get the following:
    1. New ignition barrell.
    2. New imobiliser (which is linked to the barrell and the keys).
    3. New lock for the fuel tank.
    4. New lock for accessing the under-pillion-seat storage.

    Depends how you define value for money, of course, and at least my gf's R6 was covered under insurance.
  12. HISS is an immbolisier that is built into not only the keybarrel but also the ECU..if the key doesn't match a preset value in the ECU...bike doesn't start...only way to get around it is new keybarrel and new ECU...which is where the $1800 comes from...hotwiring does not work
  13. no, try ebay US and you will get it cheaper
  14. Get the yellow pages out and start ringing wreckers. If you locate a good barrel see if they can send it COD or direct deposit into their account. Postage will be about $5.50 in a pre paid bag. I think COD is about $14.
  15. hey Kyro there is a few wreckers around mate - Vic Motorcycle wreckers in heidelberg heights are a bit pricey but always have what your after!
    Also there is a couple of interstate bike wreckers now on ebay - Suggestion would be to contact them and ask - It couldnt be more than 100 for a lock set for a 85 honda!