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250cc two strokes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ethan 107, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. can somone give me a list of some??

  2. The forum 'search' function is your friend.

    Google is your friend too.

    But hell, I'm so soft in the heart (or possibly the head), I'll be your friend too... ;) In future though, perhaps do some of your own homework...

    RGV250 and the Aprilia RS250 are the more current ones, then there are a bunch of older ones like the RZ and TZR and a few others.

    You should know that they're not generally learner legal...
  3. Honda NSR250 i do believe.
  4. Kawasaki KX250
    Honda CR250
    Yamaha YZ250
    Suzuki RM250 and the road going RMX250.
  5. Heh, yeah, I guess it's only our biases that made us assume he was asking about roadies.
  6. Common learner legal 250cc, 2-stroke road bikes, from best to worst, from memory:

  7. 1976 Benelli 250 2C. Fastest 250 out of Italy. Aprilia had a Suzuki motor so doesn't count. Cagiva Mito doesn't count because it's a 125......
  8. Kwaka KR1S or KR1
  9. HRC RS250R
    88 rwhp
    124kg fully wet w/20.5 litres of petrol (about 100kg lighter than GSX-R1000)


    I have an unpainted '06 for sale. With enough spare parts to do three engine rebuilds, only $23,000 :LOL:

    Heaps faster than my SV and can catch just about any stock 600cc without much effort. Lightness and superb suspension allow you to take practically any line in and out of corners. Eats gixxer/R1-riding noobs around Broadford.
  10. I would like one
  11. ,
    MZ ETZ250
    JAWA 250
  12. Those rs250 hrc bikes are gorgeous. so are the 125's ... If only they were road legal :(

    Absolutely awesome power to weight ratio ... I wish they still made RGV's.
  13. I don't know about JAWA, but if reliable transport's your game, the MZ is not a bad semi-classic. Worse than the japs in performance, but they keep going better than some of those same Japanese bikes, build quality was good.

    As a buy for the casual owner, all things considered, I'd rank the MZ above the KH250 and below the T250. Definetly above the MVX, the Honda is the ideal bike to recommend to your enemies.

    I didn't include the MZ in the original list because the stated point was "common".
  14. Just chucked 'em in to see if anyone knew what they were.......

    used to be an older guy with an MZ that attended rallies up and down the east coast in the mid 80's, could talk you through a full rebuild in a few minutes and I reckon he could've done one in the time us young 'uns could knock over a slab. If I was told I needed to be in perth in 5 days and the choice was MZ or the MVX250, the honda would be left at home.

    The Jawa also had an enviable reputation in the right hands for being an understressed low speed mile muncher, my uncle had one for years and it kept him busy in the shed at times but never let him down on the road.

    The KH250 was definitely an enthusiast bike, I had an S1 (till it got stolen ???) and loved it to bits, but it taught me a lot about full engine stripdowns and the importance of crankcase seals (did $40 for nearly fumigating a cop to death in Parramatta, poor bastard )

    as far as which 250 smoker gets my nod for living with day to day, the RZ250 (1983-86) is a clear winner, I have an 85 at the moment waiting for me to decide whether to sell it or keep it. It can be ridden as a town hack, chucked through the twisty bits and do respectable trackday work, even in totally stock form. Parts for them are everywhere and the sky is the limit for mods and blingy shite (if that's your thing)