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250cc tire costs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ZXRpilot, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Just wandering if anyone could tell me how they payed for a rear tire or a set or just a frontfitted to a zxr250 or similar???Say what brand of tire, profiles, etc. Thanks.

  2. go too the ksrc forums, they are discussing this topic atm..... :wink:
  3. don't know what a ZXR250 takes but the rear BattleAx for my VTR250 (140/70-17) was $150 including fitting.
  4. I use dunlop arrowmax on my gippie...

    The front cost me $130 fitted and the rear $140

    Im not sure of the exact profile specs (i was never good with tyre numbers) but they are bigger than stock, i kno the rear is a 190... I'll go read the exact numbers tonight and post it
  5. Ok thanks for the prices, but id think your gpx would be running around a 130 rear or so, zxrs hav 18inch rear wheels so hopefully i can get some decent rubber.

    Whered you goto get your tires fluffy bunny?
    Ill chk out the kawsaki forum....
  6. Yeah ive got a mammoth rear wheel on mine, pretty much as big as can fit... it looks real manly sitting next the stock GPX of my room mate. I got mine from GC motorcycles here in Adelaide, also called Don't Slip Grip.
  7. You should be looking at about $100-120 for a front 17 hoop, and about $150-190 for a rear (although that's for a 17 not 18 rear); both of those are inclusive of fitting. (I had my recent front replaced for $99 fitted, Dunny Arrowmax)

    Dunlop Arrowmax & Bridgestone BT45's are the two that usually go on little 250 machines with minimal complaints. Personally, i'd say the Arrowmax's are better as their a single medium-soft compound - but if your after a bit more life out of them the dual-compound in the BT45's seems to deal well with straight line commuting.

    Oh, and my recommendation is don't change profile sizes unless you REALLY know what your doing. Even going from a 130 to a 140 rear on mine meant i needed to jack up the rear preload as high as it would go to keep it nimble enough for my liking through the twisties.
  8. OK, than ive read a bit about bt-45's here and on the kawsaki forum, but they don't seem to come in the same size as my Dunlop GPR80, which is a 140/60/18, the bridgestone is a 70 would this affect the handling of the bike much?
  9. michelin Pilot Activ..... swear by em.....
  10. Dude, you can't get the GPR80's any more (unless they are old stock) Slot a set of GPR100's in -the replacement for the 80's. Brilliant tyres. I got about 8000kms out of a set on my 400 & that was riding it pinned to the stop everywhere. Bridgestone also do an 18" in an 014 but may only go down to a 150. Not sure about a 140. Oh and the GPR100's are about $340 a set fitted.
  11. I just brought a new set of GPR70's F/$145, R/$177, Having them fitted on tuesday but they said they'll do that and the balance for free.

    Those tyres will fit most sport 250's 110/70/17 & 140/60/17
  12. so what is the best and grippiest for the zx2r? money is not an issue but just want the best for handling.