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250cc, this bike suitable for vic to qld

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kyro_02, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, well as i don't have a license for next 2 months, and by the time I get it back i'm going straight to QLD.

    now, I just need a cheap bike, and nothing special at all. Has anyone done a vic to QLD run on a CB250, it would be hell, right? but for $3,000, it's good enough? lol..

    what's your experience with the cb250, im sure it'll struggle to maintain 100kph, only a guess
  2. It could do it, but it wouldn't like it. Its been done on a virago :)
  3. Avoid the highways, take some nice scenic backroads and take your time and it'll do it fine. If you insist on sitting on the highway at 110kph then you'll really struggle :)
  4. Why not a Hysoung 250? A lot bigger and the twin eats up the kays. OK so I am advertising my bike again, but it is good value IMO. :grin:
  5. why dont you get a plane up there for $100 and then buy the bike when your there
  6. Barring any unforeseen mech probs, it'll do it, but slowly. And, being a naked, it'll probably be hard on your body. Are you up to the task?

    That being said, unless you've already bought it, I'd just get one up here. If it was something special, I'd be all for riding it, but it's just a CB250.
  7. cheers, well my budget on a bike will be $3k, reason i want to ride up , as i've driven to vic and qld 4 times and love doing the traveling, and a cb250 will be suitable for me when up there

    edit: to clarify, i'm always up for a challenge :D
  8. It would make it. On the back of a truck.
  9. and me in the back of the ambos? lol

    seriously, do these bikes like to have the accelerator opened full, for atleast 10 hours ? and another 10 the next day .lol?
  10. I agree.

    Unless you are planning on sightseeing on the way and doing 400k days I'd be catching a bird.
    It will be hard on the bike and harder on you with limited experience.
    An adventure is fine, but everything needs to be up to the task.
    Save yourself the stress and fly up mate.
  11. I say go for it.

    There's cheaper bikes out there and god knows there's better ones... But you can't beat that sort of experience.

    Pack tools, you never know what nasty surprises you'll get when you try to ride a new secondhand bike 2000km.
  12. Yeh, take the back roads, take your time, enjoy it, get RACV, get a stone-style fairing ($130 off ebay, makes a difference!)... Do you *have* to do it in two days? Better with a bike like that to take a bit longer, and ride in the bike's comfort zone...
  13. double post, bah
  14. cheers , taking everything in to consideration, 2 days is what it normally takes me, have done it in one day in car, so i'm no fussy really, keen to take detours etc,

    looking into saddle bags, i think all the weight on the bike will be a killer lol, just my clothes, etc, an some tools.
  15. I'd carry no more than one change of clothes (in case you get soaked through) and some tools.
  16. Have fun, it will be a s l o w trip
    Make sure the bike is well maintained and not a taxi with 60000km on it and a hard life..
  17. Do it mate. You get instant respect points.

    On the highways you will be ringing it's neck, but stop for fuel more often than you need to. Also think about getting a sheepskin cover for your seat or you may give yourself herpes.
  18. It's a solid bike that will have no problem with the trip as long as your body can take it. I've done 600+ kms days on my CB, but not too many of them and never more than one at a time - it was just a lot of hard work and stress, because often it is hard to keep up with the traffic out in the open. On trips like this I don't push it above 100km/hr - it would probably do 110 if you asked, but I want to be nice to my bike and don't ask for more than what I think is reasonable :)

    So, yes - do it, just stick to back roads if you can!
  19. LMFAO!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I think you mean haemoroids!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. They all start with "H" and I've had them all.

    I blame them all on the bike!