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250cc road legal supermotard - How much? How practical?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Caught the supermoto on channel 10 on the weekend and I think I want a motard. :LOL:

    Does anyone know how much I'd be looking at for a basic 250cc and how practical it would be for daily riding? I'm sort of seeing this as an option to replace the CB as it would see me out of my restrictions and still be fun at the other end but I'm guessing insurance would be an absolute nightmare.

    Also, any suggestions as to what model machine I should be working from? I'm presuming here I can't get anything like what I'm after "out of the box" so to speak so I guess I'm looking at this, at least:

    New wheels + tyres
    Forks (swingarm too?)
    Exhaust / intake / filter / rejet etc.

    Anything else?
  2. I vaguely recall Yamaha muting the possibility of a stripped down "stunter" type streetbike in attempt to grow their youth market. Had a slightly odd number cc like 200 or so.
    Unsure if it's coming to Oz.
  3. There is also the Sach's Madass crossover situation. I saw it in an advert for a new scooter shop run by Moto One in Chapel St in Windsor/Prahran.
    Looked suitably out there...
  4. SuperMoto

    SuperMoto absolutely rocks! I built one from a Kawasaki KLX650 a few years back and it was brilliant. In terms of practicality building one from a 250 while very possible will be largely an expensive and time consuming project with little return.

    Fact is any 250 single will always be painfully slow and although it'll be as practical as any 250 trail bike can be with a 9 litre tank range you'll quickly get bored.

    I recently rode the Suzuki DRZ400 SM and it was ecstasy on wheels - huuuuge lean angles, monster stoppies and wheelies and very cheap at under 10 K. Don't give on SMs but wait until you dice the 250 and get somethng worth having.

    Rob Smith
  5. I've seriously considered doing this, just to create a cheap, fun commuter.
    A mate did it with an XR400 and he's as happy as a pig in sh!t.
    Costs next to nothing to run (compared to his old K series BM, anyway).
    I'm debating whether I need anything bigger than 250 anyway. Insurance will deffinitely be a problem, though.
  6. hey linenoise i'm on a cb now and have been curiously eyeing the motards aswell

    i've heard alotta great reviews on them, people seem to love em!

    unfortunately you are in vic cause under the LAMS in nsw you can get the suzuki drz400sm or the ktm lc4620. those are the ones i've been looking at anyway.

    gluck in your search
  7. I'm starting to think a 250 single isn't a bright idea. Does anyone make a 250 4 stroke parallel twin dirt bike? I know there's stuff like old TDR250s but they're hard to find and I'd probably kill myself.
  8. I don't think "will it be practical" is the sort of question a motard owner would tend to ask!