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250cc or bigger?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by miser, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. I've recently got my bike licence and am looking to buy my first bike. The bike will just be used for cheap way of getting me to and from work as the costs to run my V8 everyday is getting out of control. I have no real preference towards high performance, what I am looking for is a bike that will provide me with the best fuel economy. I figured a 250 would be the best option for me because they would be very inexpensive to run, however I live and work in the country and the majority of my riding would be cruising between 90-110kmph. For this type of riding would I be better served opting for a larger capacity bike (say a 500) so my little 250 isn't revving it's nuts off all the time? I know it would depend on a few aspects like engine type and bike weight but generally speaking would one be cheaper than the other or would they both be about the same in the end?

  2. Hi miser,

    You just got your L's or full licence ?

    If you're cruising at a 100km/hr, a 250 revving it's tits off will use a similar amount of fuel as say a 500 or restricted 650 (Hyosung) that doesn't have to work as hard. If you're doing a lot of country work, go the bigger lazier engine.

    Have fun ! :grin:
  3. Just got my L's so I'm speed restricted for now but I'm thinking of the future. Think I probably will go the bigger option, Could you reccomend any that would be good for a learner? I tend to like naked look. Is that your real name, Mike Hunt? Don't want to say that one to fast!
  4. I have a GT650 and it's pretty good for a learner bike. Easy to de-restict if you want to. But there's a stack out there.

    Yamaha SZR 660 is a serious thumper if you don't mind the SuperSingle (can't remember if they have farings or not), Motard is always a strong option. OutbreakMonkey will like that.

    But if your going to do a lot of crusing, XV535 wouldn't be too bad.

    Do a prowl of the bike shops and have a look around, you'll find some ideas and suggestions from the staff.
  5. miser, I'm not sure how much I can help you but your question is very similar to the one i asked here few months ago. I too, wanted a cheap method of transportation because my 535i swallows 18L in city driving and it's getting too much, but didnt wanna sell her. I am a big bloke though, almost 100kg heavy. And just like you, I wanted something very economical. But not every 250 is, apparently. Some do 6 or 7 litres/100km according to some owners here.
    Anyway for a while I was gonna get the VTR250 (since youre into nakeds) but some here have reported getting bored of it within few months. Then I decided on GS500 and bought it. The economy, while I didnt ride enough to verify, is 4.5-5L/100km. Which is same as vtr250. But, you said you wanted fun in future too, as did i, as people here told me this bike would take care of that too. I never rode before and this bike is beautiful, hardly intimidating and very smooth. Latest models come with fairing, have a look at GS500F, but I got the naked.
    Of course you can go with even more cc if you like. Best to sit on a few bikes and even try some if they let you/you're confident. Whatever way you go, good luck mate. Hope I helped
  6. Yeah, I was just going to say, have a search for GS500's, I think that would be the bike for you...
    Hey Romus, I remember your thread... so, you decided to go with a naked after all... how do you find it in the Goulburn winter? Did you put at least a small fairing on it?
  7. Hey cb250goespop, I was planing ahead when I talked about Goulburn. Even if they accepted me for September, i still got 7 months distant education (from home) while Im using the bike around sydney for fun and work.
    Loving the bike mate! I've only been on it for some 100kms and only on freezing nights so I know what you guys were telling me about. Although, fingers are the only area where it gets uncomfortable - for now. But yes, I do plan on a small fairing eventually. :)
  8. No, Mike Hunt's not my real name. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p

  9. +1
  10. +2

    The Suzuki GS500, the Hyosung GT650 (restricted version), the Kawasaki ER5 the BMW scarver 650 and a number of others would be good choices.
  11. Get a bigger one that you're allowed to use now.
  12. +1 for the bigger bike :)

    It's nice to have that bit more torque so that you don't have to wring your bikes neck everywhere you go...makes highway work more relaxing too. Don't get me wrong I loved my Hornet 250 but It could be a bit tiresome pulling 9000rpm @ 100k's on the freeway for a few hours
  13. I guess the other thing I'd add as a naked rider is that although I love it it does get buffety at around 110, so if you'll be sitting on freeways a lot you might want to consider something with at least a bikini fairing.