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'250cc only' track day Jan 19

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Hi guy's, as so many 250 riders have mentioned that they'd like to take to the track without the danger of larger bikes around, I have organized '250 only' practise sessions during a Preston Motorcycle Club "practise day' at Broadford on January 19, 2008.

    You do not need a race licence as a 'one day licence' will be arranged for you on the day. The cost will be $150 which will also give you 12 months membership to Preston Motorcycle Club.

    There will be experienced racers on hand to offer riding, technical and machine set-up advice should anyone want it.

    It will be free for any spectators, who are also welcome to sit-in on any of the classroom sessions.

    The '250 only' sessions will be incorporated around 'Junior' & 'Racer' practise groups.

    To help give us an idea how many people will be up for this, could you please add your name & machine to this roll-call, thanks. Participants will be requested to pre-book for the day with a $20 deposit, which is refundable if you can't make it.

    1. Valentino Rossi, Yamaha FZR250
    2. John Smith, Honda CBR250RR
  2. I'm in.

    James Moreland, CBR250RR

    edit: Junior group thanks :)
  3. I would certainly love to pit myself against other 250cc 4-stroke riders on the Broadford track. January 19 is a long time away so I don't know if I will be doing anything but I would love to on my FZR250R.
  4. 1. James, CBR250RR
    2. nightgash, FZR250
  5. Err.Johnny O, Either you or I had better have a quiet word to NG.
  6. Is that a good or bad thing. :eek: :shock:
  7. Is a smelly smoker bike(Rgv250) allowed in the 250cc group??

    i will try to keep that date free.
  8. hey dude... its a practise day not a race day...
  9. :? Comparing my personal limitations against others on similar bikes is not racing.
  10. Hey NG, Johnny O and my good self have been eager to do this for a while, simply to help newer riders. No Cars, no cops, and the traffic is all one way. It is all about enhancing your skills, and comparing yourself with yourself.
  11. Nightgash, it will give you enough time to save up for a fresh tyre or organise it with the Christmas people to leave one under the tree.
  12. Hey Johnnie, that rgv. It must be one of the few that are not worn out yet
  13. 1. James, CBR250RR
    2. nightgash, FZR250
    3. natta, RGV250
  14. i would be interested in this do i require a full set of leathers?
  15. i might be in but its a little too early to decide at the moment.
    probably will decide december time. if its full then ill probably just go hit the spur :grin:
  16. YES
  17. ...... you also need a current ambulance subscription, and you need to bring the card with you.

    If you do not own leathers, you can hire them from someone like Garner's Hire Bikes in North Melbourne.

  18. Really? I guess that counts me out.
  19. its only about $30 a year!! if you ever have an accident anywhere you could be up for thousands. surely its worth it?
  20. i though TAC covers the ambo charges and stuff