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NSW 250cc/LAMS bikes at trackdays

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Macaroni646, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if there are any/many 250cc/LAMS bikes at trackdays? More specifically Eastern Creek. I'm really keen on going to the track but just wondering if my Ninja 250r will be too slow or create a hazard on the track.


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  2. You can ride what ever bike you like at a track day .

    From scooters to superbikes.
  3. You can ride what ever bike you like at a track day .

    From scooters to superbikes.
  4. Best start in the slowest group and see how u go 9 times out of10 you'll find someone slower than you it's great fun
  5. There's always a few out there mate. Don't be shy. Get out there and have fun. Stay in slow group though. I like having a few 250s out there as I feel like a legend finally overtaking someone ;-)
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  6. there are a lot of 250s at track days. Its probably a wise idea to start with a slower bike and gradually get faster with more experience as you go.
  7. Yeah no worries with taking a Ninja 250. I took mine when I had it and had a great time even lost my knee down virginity on it :). Just stick to the slow group as you would be struggling with the faster bikes always overtaking you on the straights. Have fun :)
  8. Yeah my misses rides a zxr250 at eastern. I will be taking my cbr250rr to the top rider one this month at eastern.
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  9. It's more fun going fast on a 'slow' bike than slow in a 'fast' bike. You'll learn lots whether you are on a 125 or a 1000.
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  10. could not agree more.
  11. track day at broadford had pretty much a whole class for ninja 300s
  12. Book well in advance if you want a Saturday as the white group is always sells out first.
  13. Thanks guys. Will definitely go in the slow group. Now gota get me some leathers
  14. my first knee down on the 250 , overtaking bigger bikes and having it pinned knee down turn 1 at about 180 at EC are my highlights on the 250

    virtually all of the back section of eastern creek is made for a 250, except the straight where the big bikes get you back you have to start all over again

    just do it its awesome fun on a smaller bike,

    but you will need at least a provisional license to be let on track. Learner's aren't permitted.
  15. Actually apparently eastern creek wasnt allowing scoots
  16. Don't know about scooters, but there are plenty of 250s out there.