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250cc bikes, how to pop a mono?!?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BKN, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    heading down the track next week with afew mates for some fun. im struggling to pop a mono on the 250, nowhere near as easy as a push bike.....

    any tips or ideas that would help? some mates told me you cant, of course because they have 600s, R1s etc.... but a 250? is it do-able?

  2. Whats the Bike dude?
  3. You can always change the sprockets so you can accelerate better to help get a mono. Your fuel economy will suck a lot more cause you need more RPMs to maintain the same speed as pre sprocket change.
  4. revs at redline, drop clutch. It'll mono.

    at least for a moment.
  5. I've never tried, can't really be bothered seeing as mine is a 250 as well, but you could give it some revs (prob need a bit) and dump the clutch, which should get the front wheel up a bit. You could lower the gearing by changing sprockets as well which would be ok for mucking around but make it even revvier at sustained speed.. My dad used to be able to pull a wheelie on my old c90 stepthru 3 speed, well up a hill he could anyway heh heh
  6. From a slow rolling start pull in the clutch, stand up on the pegs and push down the front forks hard, as you do this twist up the throttle a fair bit and dump the clutch back out... there was a really good video of this on CBR250.com where a few aussies were "bounce" mono'ing a streetfightered CBR. Almost flipped the fcuking thing right at the very end and dropped it :p
  7. Yep that'll do it :grin:

    Just make sure you have your foot over the rear brake 'cos sometimes they can some up really quick and take you by suprise.
  8. i ride a cbr250rr. i have an aftermarket sprocket but dont wanna install it YET.....

    i was under the impression you need to be rolling to pop a mono, not launch at redline and fall flat on my face.

    scarecrow : sounds like good advice might try that, the technique makes sense.

    my mate told me no one bothers because in a 1000cc all you have to do is drop the clutch and rev it and it'll mono itself whereas with a 250cc you really need to put some effort into it.
  9. I can do em on the little ninja.

    Basically as has been said, rev its tits off and let the clutch out fairly quickly.

    I've done em a couple of times just to see if i could. Won't do any more cos I have a little mechanical sympathy for my bike. Its not good for the engine, clutch, chain or sprockets.

    Good luck with em dude. Make sure you got someone with a video camera to film you. Remember to post it on youtube.com - especially if you stack it!
  10. guys a bit of correction advice please.... will i fall and lose balance by revving to redline and dropping the clutch on launch? cant i just roll a bit then do it.

    i know its all a matter of trial and error, but i'd rather not stack lol.
  11. i got my old 250gpx doing mono's lol, its certainly possible just takes a bit of effort
  12. Yes you can do them but your better off waiting until you have a bigger bike it will be much easier for you and the bike..

  13. I wouldn't rev to redline straight away. I'd start at 10,000 and see what happens and then gradually work your way up the rev range.

    Redline clutch drop would bring the front wheel up awefully quickly i'd reckon. You might not be ready for it. As has been stated, cover the back brake and get ready to roll of the throttle.

    Rolling back off the throttle is usually enough to bring the front wheel crashing back to earth. Back brake will ensure it. I've seen video of a motogp rider pulling a wheely across the finish line, and getting wayyy past vertical, and still recovering. I'll see if i can find it.
  14. do you REALLY need to put mass effort in "lifting" the bike or is that the wrong way to do it. rely more on the launch?

    because at the moment, im trying to pick the bike up with my 2 arms literally.....
  15. Yeah you do do them rolling (it's safer) roll along in 2nd and pull in the clutch rev it to around redline (mabye do a few trials first with lower revs) and drop the clutch.

    Remember to use only 1 or 2 fingers on the clutch or you'll be doing them one handed :LOL:
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    You certainly don't do ANY pulling with the arms or anything like that. The bike's engine does all this work for you. It's nothing like a bmx wheelie in that respect.

    Here's the past vertical wheelie i was talking about:


    Certainly shows the benefit of covering the back brake!
  17. If you dont wanna drop your bike which is more likely gunna happen, try geting a trail bike a small 250 and practice standing and bouncing on suspension and squirts of power its alot more fun and safer if you drop it .... might ruin a good day and a good bike , yet still might be cheaper to drop the 250 then not do it and drop a bigger bike when you upgrade just casue you have more power and its easier to get up dont mean you wont drop a bigger bike and what do they say ummmm the bigger they are .....
  18. Go one tooth down on the front sprocket.
    Or 3 to 5 up on the rear.
    You will lose top end speed but get more power between the gears.
    With the smaller sprocket you wont have to dump the clutch at redline.
    Take off slowly, rev the throttle a few times, the last time let the clutch out quickly, you will feel the bike pulling at the front, so you should be able to work out just how hard you have to rev before you slip the clutch.
    It takes practice to loft the front wheel and keep it there as you change into a higher gear and then keep it up as you move.
    You can control how high the wheel goes up by using the rear brake.
    It's much better to prcatice on a trail bike or an unfaired bike with some knobs or crash bars.
    I can see a lot of fairing damage resulting attempting to learn monos on a CBR 250.
    Make sure you wear all ya gear. Slamming your helmet backwards or scraping along on ya ass and the palms of your hands is not a good day out.

    Have fun.
  19. what u do is sell the 250cc and buy a 600 like mine that is for sale and do them till the sun comes up :LOL: :LOL:
  20. The CBR250RR will lift off the clutch from about 30-40kmh into a nice, holdable balance point wheelie.

    'Course, as soon as I had a camera on me, a foot and a half was the best I could manage.