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250cc and below 2 stroke lover

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hotmetalman, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Hello Folks,
    Just joined. I'm into small 70s-80s Jap 20 strokes mostly, with an interest in the 2 stroke Vespas as well, with the dream of owning a Bultaco Metrala 250 one day
    Current road registered stable includes Yam 1971 CS3 (200cc twin). LML150 (Indian Vespa copy), Yam 1997 DT175, Torino (Chinese) 125 scooter. My home project bike is 1972 YB100. My credo is "stay small, make them go fast". Over the years I have owned 7 Yammies, 2 Hondas and the LML and the Torino. All were/are road registered.

  2. Hi and welcome to you.

    I don't think there are all that many of us left, that like small engines and preferably two-strokes.
  3. Welcome aboard, Hot Metal Man


    I'm not a disciple of 2-strokes as you clearly are, but there was an Aprilia RS250 in my past and there will be another in my future when money and space permit (or if they stop going for 'classic collectors item' money).
  4. Welcome, my experience with two smokers is from go karting, love the smell! My girlfriends dad has a Bultaco and Montesa, but I doubt he will let me take them for a ride when I go to Barcelona, hah!
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Yeah, it seems most riders go 'big is better' A crazy dream of mine is to try to set a land speed record at Lake Gaindner in SA on a 100cc yammie
  7. Hi- I'd go a RS250 anyday- nearly bought a RS 125 Mito about 20 years ago- another dream stable mate would be a RD250LC in full fairing kit
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  8. Bullys, Montesas, CZ/MZs are so agricultural but so well made and simple they deserve more credit
  9. Thanks, Jeffco, looking forward to being here!