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250cbr headlight problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, May 12, 2006.

  1. My headlights are both on all the time which is fine but they are extremely weak! At night i can't see s(&*! When i put on the highbeams though i can see everything but i don't want to daze other drivers.

    My question is firstly when the headlights are on are both of em suppose to be on? or just one side like the cbr600?

    Secondly how do i make it brighter?

  2. Yes both of them are meant to be on, I've been trying to figure out the same thing and so far from what i've been told the only thing i can do is change to better globes unless i want to replace all the wiring so i can use higher wattage globes.

    If you manage to find any easier fix can you pm me to let me know because i find it a real problem too :(
  3. Damn! So the cbr250s are like that?

    Cause the headlights are so weak its ridiculous! I had a car almost turn across my path last night till i quickly flicked it to highbeam so he could see me....but i don't blame him cause the lights so weak!

    I'll investigate further this problem and let u know bud!
  4. You guys really having that much trouble? Cos i dont believe mine is that bad, i can see fine without the high beams, and haven't done anything special to mine...
  5. Why is this in Jokes & Humour ...........?

    You can get stronger amp/watt globes - check what yours is!
  6. Check to see what wattage your bulbs are. Japanese bikes (grey imports) often come with 60/35 bulbs (the 2nd number is the low beam wattage). Australian bulbs are rated at 60/55, meaning that your low beam will be brighter with these bulbs.

    You can't just go whacking these bulbs in though, you will need to install a relay to run the higher wattage globes or it'll melt you switch gear over time (nearly twice the current passing through on low beam). Any decent auto elec will be able to do this easily.

    The Oz spec bulbs (H4 I think) are also a different fitment. They will however fit into the jap-spec holder if you ben/break off two of their tabs.

    Alternatively you can put up with poor low beam performance and forget about modifying them.
  7. hey cammo thanks for that.....very helpful!!! :)