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2500km round trip to Coffs and back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by drjay555, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Hi all
    Last week a mate and I did a fantastic 2500km round trip from Griffith, NSW to Coffs Harbor and back in 6 days. Saw some fabulous roads and country. My mate was on his Triumph Tiger 800XC and I was on "TED" THE NINJA.
    Started off Day 1 from Griffith 0830 in sunshine, soon to see light showers between Rankin Springs and West Wyalong. The day turned nice and we were able to make it all the way to Coonabarabran (564kms). Stopped at the first motel we came to and checked in only to realize that we had to walk a km and a half into town to have a drink and dinner. There were other nicer motels in town we discovered much to our chagrin.

    Started off on Day2 again in a light shower thru Tamworth and Armidale. Beaut sunshine there till we reached Dorrigo and stopped for a coffee. Soon after we left Dorrigo the heavens opened up and it just bucketed down. Bit scary along the steep part with water just sheeting across the road. The Waterfall was good to see. Made it to Coffs Harbor and pulled up at a motel by 4pm. Since we'd made it to Coffs in 2 days we decided to stay there an extra day and went up to Grafton and Lawrence(this beautiful little spot on the banks of the Clarence River). Back to Grafton for lunch at the Byron Bay Chilli eating place and a small cup of icecream from the Baskin Robbins shop next door. The young lady at the BR shop promptly started talking about bikes, and that she rode a Ducati till the kids came along. As we chatted she felt the itch coming on to get back on a bike again. We suggested she enrol the grandparents for some babysitting duties!
    Returning from Grafton we made the mistake of getting onto the Pacific Hwy which was boring thanks to all the road works and 80km signs. Drinks at a pub with friends and dinner at a nice chinese restaurant opp the main mall.

    Day 4 saw us leaving Coffs at 0730 again in light showers. Made our way to Port Macquarie for refuelling and a coffee before heading down to Taree and onto Buckett's Way to the lovely little town of Gloucester for a lunch halt at the Roadies Café . Nice place with some old vintage bikes displayed and good grub. Post lunch we headed for Singleton via Dungog and Gresford. Dinner was at the 'Two Naughty Chooks' restaurant where the fare was exotic but be warned - the prices were too, and the portions so tiny it was almost an outrage. We ended up in the supermarket after dinner looking for bananas and the like to stave off hunger!

    Day 5 dawned nice and sunny and with the bikes all fuelled up we headed off onto the famous Putty Road. What a beautiful ride except for a crazy cager who thought I wanted to race and took off like a rocket cutting thru gravel etc. Just let him go. Stopped at the Grey Gum café for brekky and some fine coffee. The rest of the ride down to Kurrajong was nice and smooth.Being a Friday we didn't see too many bikes on there. From Kurrajong it was onto Bell's Line of Road thru Lithgow and Bathurst all the way to Grenfell , our stop for the night. Went up to the pub in Grenfell and had a lovely BIG, juicy Tbone steak (to make up for the previous night).

    Day 6 saw us leave Grenfell and head home for Griffith. We swapped bikes at Grenfell for the trip home. I was amazed at how light and quick the Trumpy was. It was also and example of how on some bikes, you sit 'in' the bike.

    Amazing ride with some beautiful roads, good weather by and large, quaint country towns (one normally doesn't get to see when travelling by car). Met a lot of nice people. Its funny how travelling on a bike gets people coming up to you for a chat. At one little place we stopped for coffee this elderly lady with three grandkids in tow stopped to chat with us about the rides and places we'd been. As she was getting into the car, she paused and turned around and said " I was a bikie too"!! Wonderful places we stopped for coffee and meals. We were well equipped and dressed appropriately for the weather, and the heated handgrips on both bikes came in right handy. Both bikes behaved perfecto and we came home safe.
    cheers all and ride on.....
  2. coffs harbor ride 2013 (5).JPG coffs harbor ride 2013 (15).JPG coffs harbor ride 2013 (16).JPG coffs harbor ride 2013 (48).JPG coffs harbor ride 2013 (56).JPG some pics
  3. coffs harbor ride 2013 (53).JPG coffs harbor ride 2013 (4).JPG coffs harbor ride 2013 (27).JPG coffs harbor ride 2013 (1).JPG mo' pics and nighty nite