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25000km vtr service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BiG DaN91, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. hey guys just got my bike back from its 25000km service
    when i booked it in on the phone they said it was a major service and the valves needed to be cleaned out or something, but when i got home today and read the paper it doesnt look like they did it? it says minor service and all they did was put a new front tyre, change the oil and filter and check everything was working ok. does it matter if you dont get the valves done on 25000km service or do i need to check with them? bike feels like its running great and im probably upgrading early next year so im not too worried. cheers

  2. Was that check the valve clearances?
  3. So did they charge you for a major or a minor service ???
  4. yeah i think so

    thanks ill have a read, does it matter this is for 88 and 89 but mines 2007?

    charged for a minor
    cost about 400 including a new front pirelli sport demon tyre

    he seemed to think my rear tyre (bridgestone sp/touring) isnt a very good choice and that pirellis are better even though they are a fair bit cheaper

    anyone else know what tyres are best for vtr250?
  5. i just bought a set of Michelin Pilot Powers for the bike... 160/50/17 rear and 110/70/17 front Fitted for $360
  6. I dont think a 160 rear is a good fit for a vtr 250 as standard is 140 i think A 150 u can get away with if the profile is not to flat otherwise it will turn like shit
  7. You could try conti road attacks or metzler m3s,the metzlers will last longer but still give good grip.I ran a few sets on my zx9
  8. apologies.... its a 150/60/17 rear.... My bad...