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250 X 3.816 = 954 Rrrrrr

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jaguarfanster, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Snapped up a bargain for 3.3k today. Move over Spada herrooww 954rr. The first bike I've had that I've found fitting to label as a "she". God she's pretty. Bought it just before another potential buyer rocked up to 'have a look'. Guy even offered to buy it off me there and then. I prefer to own my bikes for more than two minutes hahaha.

    Here she is.



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  2. looks nice. get some daytime pitcures up.
  3. Now that's an upgrade
  4. Worth it for decent headlights alone.

    That's a great price for a 954. It should be fun.
  5. I borrow-rode an identical bike for a couple of weeks over the last Christmas holidays, but when it came to the crunch the guy wouldn't sell it to me, I was so disappointed. Still want to get one; there's room in the garage next to the VFR.

    (Did a trip from home to the Grey Gum Cafe and back in a tick under 7 hours on it, wow doesn't even begin to describe it).

    My envy knoweth no bounds; congrats....
  6. Looks like you will be able to apply for a Hi-viz exemption when the laws come in.
  7. Cheers all. The bike does freaking everything better than the spada. Well except for turning the Spada is way more sensitive at the handlebars. The lights are like car lights. Everything lights up and high beam makes it like day. No more riding around with the high beam on 24/7. Overtaking not an issue and brakes are intense. Weird part is that it cost just a bit more than my mate's cbr250rr.

    Here's a daytime pic.

  8. Des. How the fcuk did you get that for that price?

    Some questions...

    How many kms?
    Tyres ok?
    Headstem bearings ok?
    Is it stolen ? ;)
    Did you have someone go over it for you first?

    Otherwise, well done bro if all is good with it!
  9. Cheers Dougz I do love her. I think her name is Cleopatra. Dunno why yet seems fitting.

    Has 60k on the clock, front tyre is near death (I bumped him down 100 using that as an excuse), the steering turns fine (not sure how to properly test the bearing though), no roadworthy, little scuffing on the front right fairing.

    I picked her up alone just finished an exam and road the Spada straight to the Seller's place. Left it at his too and picked it up in the night. Nice of him. However I got him to text me the VIN, engine numbers, and rego before hand. Seemed too good to be true. Checked out thankfully.

    He just seemed like an older guy who had growing family commitments. Although he did seem quite financially sound. Perhaps just a quick sale. Who knows.

    Wouldn't mind you test riding her Dougz for your opinion too haha.
  10. Naming bikes is gay.
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  11. Happy to mate. Drop me a message if you want. I can check a few things for you.

    Glad its worked out well for you :) I love these bikes.
  12. Cheers Dougz, i'll get her sorted for roadworthy and send you pm. Also if you're off on a ride day, give me a heads up, I'd love to see the zx-9r in action seeing they're virtually in the same class.

    Is it that obvious? I struggle to keep my raging homosexuality in the closet. Might need to IKEA about that.
  13. I'm after one of the 900 series -_- wish I could stumble accross a bargain like this.

    Congrats on the buy.
  14. Thanks :) Just browse bikesales religiously, sort by lowest price, and refresh like mad.

    But anyway you have a 1000rr why may I ask are you after a 900?
  15. cause the original 900 blade is a classic.
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  16. Correct and it's a solid bike.

    At my age the price of 3rd party insurance, rego and theft insurance is as much as getting a cheaper second bike over 2-3 years. I would feel safer leaving a 900 parked in the city and suburbs than my 1000 that every third bloke stops to admire or hate.

    If I run the two bikes with 3RD party; the 900 acts as my insurance policy xD

    The shit thing about riding sports bikes at my age.
  17. How are you feeling about going from the 250 to the 954?
  18. ^Felt great haha. Not a daunting transition. The 954 makes power similar to the spada. Plenty of torque and amount of throttle open is almost proportional to how hard you wish to accelerate. Much less gear changing. I'm at max 3rd gear around town at 80kph. Really could be at 2nd or even first, but I keep the revs at 4k in a bid to save fuel. Dunno if that's effective though. But yeah I can't imagine having a lesser capacity bike and not having all that potential power at the ready. So yeah don't be frightened to go big. Even the fuel economy is around 15-16 kms/l. Not toooo bad haha.
  19. Good to know man. I'm looking for anything from a F4i to a YZF750R to a CBR954RR, so I'm sorta like, old school super sports (cus they're still comfy) :p
  20. Haha I was on the lookout for an f4i first but they seem to command similar prices as the 954rr.

    Had some spare time today so I made a vid...