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250 with balls?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SLAMMIN, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. yo, i'm going for my learners in about a week...for a first bike will be restricted to 250cc...are there any bikes which can handle freeway speeds around 120kmh plus, comfortably?...like cruise without revving hard?... like cos i like to travell interstate alot, fast?...should i even bother with a 250 or just buy something bigger with balls?...what percentage of girl riders are lesbians anyway?...who would win out of a pirate and a ninja?...if you pull up to an intersection on a 250, alongside a real motorbike, do you still give the customary nod...like dood...you're like me...we both have the same freak...we both share the need...the NEED FOR SPEEEED...we're like brothers, rebels who won't conform and ride in the steel carts...we have to have our own steeds...vigilantes, lone wolves on lonely highways signalling recognition with a simple nod...OR, because you're riding a gutless LEARNER bike with a big L stuck on to signify danger, clueless, keep well clear;..do you still acknowledge the other rider?...should your nod be a lower, longer nod?... should you just slump your shoulders and avert your eyes, waiting for the green light and the shame to pass?...


  2. On a similar topic:

    1. Should I initiate a nod at scooters, considering their capacity may equal or exceed my 250cc? Does this change when sitting on a litre bike?

    2. Should one return the nod to a scooter?
  3. EXACTLY!!!...what do you do??? you're on a 50cc scooter that screams gayness...you pull up next to a big thumping harley, big smelly hairy fat bastard
  4. If you see a learner, the custom is to spank them whilst going past at high speeds.

    No, theres no 250cc bike that isn't revving its proverbial tits off at freeway speeds. If you're in a LAMs state, I'd get a gs500, er5, etc. and change the gearing (more teeth on front, less on back) if all of your riding is going to be on freeways.
  5. get a 125/250cc 2 stroke if you want power, but most will not recommend it for a learner, but it's still legal in victoria, won't be when LAMS comes in.
  6. Hornet 250
  7. There is only one 250 road bike with balls and that is the the Aprillia RS250.

    (honorable mention for the Suzuki RGV250 - 1 ball, uses the same motor but doesn't handle or look anywhere near as good).

    Take it to a track day and ride around the outside of the riders on 1000's in the tighter corners and watch them turn red :twisted:
  8. CBR's, FZR's and ZXR's still have about 6,000rpms before red line at around 110-120kms per hour.

    Ninja's win all fights because they define awesome and are not only the ultimate silent killers bundled with fury, they are also amoungst the wisest beings this universe knows.
  9. "250 with balls" that is an oxymoron
  10. My wife and I cruise the freeway(s) two-up on our VTR250 at 110kmh with ease. It has no problem with the "proverbials" at those speeds, even 120 is easy when circumstanes permit.

    It is just so much fun, economical, even. How about 22km/L?

    It's even easier/quicker one-up. Do it!


    Trevor G
  11. he said he wanted to do lots of freeway k's and a 2 stroke isnt suited to that. and the sound would drive you nuts
  12. +1 on the VTR.
    I would say 95% of my riding is on the highway at 100+kmhr and the little V twin is pretty relaxed. It runs at about 7000rpm at 100k's.
    It will sit on 110kmhr all day very easily and will squirt up to about 150 if needed and there is not too much wind or road incline.
  13. Almost all the 250s are okay on the freeway. Define 'balls' though. If you want the fastest, the inline 4s are on your list...torquey and lazy, the V-twins; though you still have to give them a handful and wind them up to really move, they'll happily plod along at 3Krpm. Compromise/happy medium? Parallel twins.
  14. My zzr carries me and my crap @ 110, but it revvs hard :( Yes vtr's will revv lower for the same speed, but that doesn't mean its being pushed any harder. In fact since the vtr has a lower top speed than the zzr, I'd think the zzr would be getting less thrashed at that speed. Maybe not, but wouldn't be far off.
  15. that might be, but when was the last time you saw a ninja with a wench?

    arrr, the pirates get the laydeeeeeees...

    btw, vtrs cruise at 110+ no problem, but have sweet fa as far as wind protection is concerned. not ideal for long interstate travels methinks. however, it looks like i will be riding to sydney for NYE, so i'll be able to tell you all about its interstate mileage eating capabilities next year...
  16. The VTR handles long distances with ease and I didn't find it any worse when it came to wind protection than any of the faired 250s I rode.

    In other news:

  17. Balls = Animal Performance.

    And the only wheelstanding, laser edged 250 on the market is the RS250 Aprillia.

    Totally impracticable, unreliable, fragile and with wonderful styling... race bike with lights is what it is :)
  18. You will needing to be looking at 4 stroke 250's if you want to ride the hwy..
    Options will be something like a GT250R or ZZR250 for a faired bike, and VTR250 for a a naked bike.. But if you want a 250 with balls as you put it, forget it as you will need a high revving 2 stroke 250 that will drive you nuts, and really doesnt have any torque that is required for hwy cruising..
  19. Correct. Pirates lack the wisdom and indulge in worldly pleasures such as booze and wenches.

    Ninja's are far to wise for that shit.
  20. The VN250 has no troubles doing 140 and very comfortable if you like the cruiser look.