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250 vs 600/1000

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nibor, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. here's one for the 250's out there. im on a VTR250. Today through reefton spur, black spur, chum creek, kinglake, yea, st andrews-kinglake, i was pulling away from 2 R6s, a ZX6R, 1098, CBR600, street triple.

    clearly not in the straight roads between, but once we entered the tight stuff with straights of less than 50-100m, these bikes began to disappear from my mirrors. the fact that A) my 250 is lighter and more agile, and 8) these guys didnt ride as much as me, resulted in me passing guys i thought would disappear infront of me originally.

    get out there and ride your bike, dont sit it in the garage and make excuses. practice techniques, get to know your bike intimately. get your kays up! you will be amazed at how much you improve simply by getting more km under your belt, in all conditions.

    who needs a big bike! :grin: *

    *admittedly the sweepers would have been more fun if i had that little bit more top end :p
  2. Keep telling your self mate :)

    There's no relpacement for displacement

    Bring your 250 down to PI and then tell me you don't want to upgrade :wink:
  3. Everyone!

    You need to be able to wheelie on power in 1st and 2nd. Plus who cares about corners, you can just catch up on the straights if you have a 1000.
  4. +1 on the getting out there and riding more to improve.

    I have spent the majority of my time commuting (26K round trip) and made time today to get out on the Cotter Rd and then south towards Adaminiby.

    While I wasn't pulling away from anyone and really just going a little faster than the advisory signs I noticed today I was much better able to put the bike where I wanted it.

    I've got a long way to go but today felt that I rode without making any real mistakes (ie never strayed into the head on zone, rode around obstacles like gravel rather than over them etc).

    If I feel this good next time I might up the pace a little. :grin:
  5. That's m'boy Robin. Give me a yell the next time yer headin' up to the Reefton. :grin:
  6. Blaringmike is stating the blaringobvious :LOL:.
  7. Certainly am.

    1000's are way faster then any 250 anywhere.
  8. You say all this and yet it says you have a 250??? so are you just talking shit for the sake of it?


    who cares about corners?
    that where all the pleasure of riding comes from.

    good work for getting ahead of em man, but yeah like u said they probs just need more practice, a 600 aint much heavier then a 250 so if they were going for im sure you woulda know about it. but it woulda been more work for the 1000s to keep up in the twisties.

    But still... i want a bigger bike and im sure u do too.
  9. X2 anyday.

    well to bring up from my experience , the new CBR1000R. weight of a 600 but power of 1000!!!!

    these things are absolutely mental :)
  10. when someone is being a pain in the ass trying to pass all the time the easiest way to get rid of them is let them ride off the front.
  11. Nah man, I see heaps of guys on 1000's they're way faster then 250's. This guy I know bought a 1000 on his P's and his the fastest rider I know, his way quicker then everyone on 600's

    If you have a 1000 you can take corners at any speed, then if your too slow you can catch up easily on the straight bits, whats the point of have a 600 or anything slow then you cant keep up.
  12. Please say you're taking the piss....
  13. Depends how good the rider is. At Broadford race track in the beginners group on my 250 I was beating a lot of the big capacity bikes through the corners. Mainly because they were not leaning it over nearly as much as what I was hence my corning speed was a lot faster.
  14. For twisty roads 250cc bikes are great. Had a cbr250rr and it was quite enjoyable. If only it had better suspension/brakes/tyres...

    How fast are you taking this 250 though? To be able to pull away from r6's/zx6/1098 is bloody impressive because not only their power but they're handling and tyres should've left you for dead

    Been trying to improve on my new k7 gsxr 750 and was quite pleased today to be not too far off a pair of duke 1098's :)
  15. The stupidity of this argument is that a bike (any bike) will have a maximum speed in a given corner. This is determined by your balls and the physics governing the surface, angle, contact patch and temperature.

    Where the big bikes shitte on you is exiting the corner and powering up. Sure you can full throttle your way round a corner at PI on a 250, where I have to brake. But we both can only take that corner at a maximum speed to take the shortest line, eg. 80 to 120 kph.
    Its when we straighten up and gun the short straight that you will be left way behind.
  16. Nah man, what so hard to believe about 1000's being faster then smaller bikes, they have bigger tyres and more power and greater top speeds. They can go round corners faster too because they have better suspension and brakes so they are faster.
  17. So you are saying. An average rider on a 250, when he jumps on a 100 will be able to ride faster in the mountains. You sir... are a knob.
  18. from what i've read and heard you are a pretty awesome rider. ehhe
    WIth the people I ride with.. I wish I was able to pull away from them. There is no way in hell am I able to pass the Superduke and Speed Triple I regularly ride with :(
  19. lol @ blaringmike, you're funny.

    compared to others i know with the same bikes, these guys were not using much of the potential of their respective bike. the whole point of my post is not "im an amazing rider look at me", but by simply getting out there more, i am using more of the potential of my bike. moreso understanding it, and knowing it's there if i need it, and how to use it.

    sure, there would be plenty of people who can ride an r1 or zx6r or 1098 or a triple through the twisties faster than me, but if you're trying to tell me this you've missed the point of my post.

    and yes, i wish my VTR had much better suspension :LOL: