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250 Touring

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mad Koala, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. I'm planing on doing a trip (6000km) but due to legal reasons i can only ride a 250. What would be the best suited bike for this? The best bike i've come up with is a ZZR250.


  2. Oh and might i add that its mostly straights. Not tight stuff.
  3. where the fun?... "mostly straights" :)
  4. I can tell you that the VTR250 is a great bike, can't see why it wouldn't be good for 6,000 k/
  5. The ZZR250 would be an excellent choice for this sort of trip as it has an excellent fuel range and can be fitted with a ventura rack and bag and has a relaxed comfortable sport/touring riding position.

    It is the closest the 250 market has to a proper sports/tourer (followed closely by the GPX250).

    Having said that you could do this sort of trip on almost any 250 if your took your time.
  6. Second behind the ZZR would be the 250 Hornet, IMHO. But really, you can travel any distance on any bike as long as you're prepared to do proper maintenance before you leave, and have the time to do the trip in easy stages. People ride round the world on postie-bikes; whaever madness turns you on, I guess......

    Oh, and welcome to the friendly forum :)
  7. I actually think the 250 Hornet is more fun than either the ZZR or the GPX, but lacking a fairing has at least the potential to make it somewhat more tiring (if you are intending to do long 1000km ish days on it) than on a faired bike.

    YMMV and all that ;)
  8. My best effort on the zzr250 was 1300km, and I must admit I was glad to get off the flamin thing at the end of the day.... but (and excuse the pun) any 2fiddy is going to give you a sore butt if your on it all day.

    One thing the zzr has over some of the other bikes mentioned is it's ability to carry a crap load of stuff due to it having loads of tiedown points.

    Whatever you buy, enjoy the trip and make sure you let us know how it went.
  9. If this is going to be a one-off trip then I can't add much to what has already been said. If you intend to do more 250 touring though, why don't you look at one of the 250 chook chasers? Many, many people have ridden around Oz on an XT 250, DR250 or similar. They are simple to maintain, will go anywhere, are very fuel efficient, and have the most useable torque you are going to get in a 250. Add a tooth or two to the front sprocket and off you go. Legions of Japanese tourists can't be wrong............
  10. I think for long distances you're better off with a v-twin better milage than the 4-4s. but then again... filling up every 200km taking a short break ain't such a bad thing. as long as there's a servo.
  11. I rode from Adelaide to Naracoorte & back again on a Cb250.
    my butt was sore
    but I did it!
  12. I could barely ride a little more than 300km without my sciatic nerves giving me curry so I whacked on a sheepskin cover and now my bum loves me.

    The vtr250 has a pair of tie down points on each side.

    I agree with a fuel stop every 200km to have a stretch is a good thing. I'd bring that down to 150km to get three stops in a 600km run.
  13. ladidididaa double editied
  14. This is an interesting thread as I am planning a trip accross OZ next year. I own a GPX 250 at the moment but I assumed I would need to upgrade to a 6 before the trip (comfort, fuel efficiency, torque etc..)
    The biggest thing is that I hear all the time that 250's are unsafe, no guts, cant get decent tyres for them, tyres are too narrow, get blown about in the wind etc....

    I love my GPX and would definately be better off financially to keep it a while longer...it goes fast enough for me, the only thing is that it lacks guts.......like when I need to overtake a car for example. I have done long days on the bike before and had a sore butt at the end, so a sheepskin or gel seat pad would be essential, but the riding position suits me fine, and I have a gear sack rack, as well as an ample seat bag and tank bag.

    I had planned to take 3 weeks from Sydney to Perth via the twistiest roads we have to offer.....doing maybe 400k's a day.

    reading these threads I get the impression that the GPX would be fine for the trip????

    Both the 6's I had looked at were naked styles, the Z750 or the SV650, so the comments about fairings are noted.......

    I really want a Daytona triple but cant afford it just yet, I would prefer to keep the GPX untl I can afford the Trumpie, and would not want to do that trip on the Trumpie anyway.....

    Thanks for the Food for thought everyone :?

    Where is your trip planned for Mad Koala?
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys

    From Perth right up along the coast all the way to the top of WA. Right up to the NT boarder and back. (still in the deciding stage)

    The 'Gutless' factor is a worry for me. There's some big trucks up there. And with my bike fully loaded up i don't know if i'll be able to pass safely.
    The wind effect on the bike is a bit of a worry too, but i'm thinking with the ZZR's fairing and the extra weight from all the lugage should help to keep me on the road.

    As for the straights being no fun. I love riding a bike. Even if i'm doing straights. Also thats all WA is so i'm use to it.
  16. COOL

    I look forward to hearing how you go with this :)
    I am still deciding on wether to upgrade now to an older/bigger bike....or wether to keep the 250 until I can afford to get the new bigger bike I really want....if it wasnt for the cons mentioned above of taking the 250 across OZ I would definately wait...