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250 to 1250, to big of a jump?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mkey, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. I'm curious to see what other people think on this question,

    I have owned about 3 250's over the last 10 years and I went out and got my open bike license about 2 months ago, Now I want to upgrade to something bigger, I'm a big guy, 6 ft and about 100kgs.

    I am considering going to a Suzuki Bandit 1250s
    I just like the Idea of a big lazy softuned reliable bike, I am not a sporty rider, but I like a run up the Gillies range every now and then (I live 2 k's away from the Gillies) I commute to work and that is mainly highway work (30k's each way)

    I am not buying the bike for it's power or speed, I just don't want to change this bike in the near future, I intend to keep this bike for many years and for the Missus and I to cruise along with enough power in reserve to pass cars on the highway, quickly and safely.

    Am I going to big to quickly?
    Should I do a step inbetween? (EG: 600 or 750)

    Your thoughts? :)
  2. It's never too big a jump IF you remember how to keep the throttle "in line". Just don't ride the new bike with the same "not thinking directly about" way you might/do with your current bike :)
  3. Buy what you want, just be aware of the power. :grin:
  4. wow... how do you ride a 250 for 10 years and not want to upgrade already?
    especially seeing as you're a big fella. no wonder you had 3 they must have got tired from hauling your big arse around all the time. :LOL:

    yes I am aware QLD have different licensing procedures, ie opens or whatever

    ok seriously, for me it would be a big jump. I don't have the experience or the self control to keep my throttle hand at bay. obviously you show a little more self control and perhaps your riding history will indicate whether the big step is a good choice or not. on a bigger bike your learning starts again.
  5. 10 years road experience = get what you like.
    any rider that has stayed alive that long surely has to be sensible enough to know their limits etc. :)

    good luck with your purchase :cool:
  6. The 1250 Bandit shares the same frame as the 650 (not sold here), so size-wise it's no bigger leap than going to a 600-750. Sure there's extra power to deal with if you open the throttle, but the extra torque should make it easier to keep the revs low till you get used to the bike compared to a more revvy 600.
  7. People always talk about how 600s are very revvy and its important to realise this because it doesn't have low down revvs power. But in reality its going to have alot more lowdown than a 250.
  8. Get one of those Triumph 2300's :cool:

    And I agree with Phizog, my 600 has craploads more power down low compared to the 250.
  9. I think you'll be fine. The bandit goes pretty hard but it's all good linear throttle action, none of the peaky shit you can find on some other bikes that might get you in trouble.

    Get one that steers too, there's some pig bandits out there.
  10. I agree with the above (mostly). Still be careful. Being fuel injected, when you grab a big handfull, it can take off pretty quick.

    The OP was talking about the 1250cc model. They are the 07 update so they are pretty much new. Steering is absolutely silky and the thing handles like a 250.

    It's certainly not a "racer" but has mucho power when you need it. And enough torque to pull tree stumps!
  11. Now there is a selling point :LOL:
  12. Loz has a point, each major update has improved the handling.

    The 1250 is very very good though.
  13. Thanks for the feedback and your Thoughts.

    I expect it will be a BIG learning curve jumping up to such a large size bike compared to a 250, but having come off a number of times when starting out mainly due to inexperience, thinking I was bulletproof and assuming I knew it all when riding, I learnt to treat bikes with the respect they deserve.

    So I'll approach it with a level head, take it easy, learn the bike and after 12 months or so I'll let the missus sit on the back.
  14. After 10 years
    Hmmm get what you want
    I ride a zx12r and yes power is there when i want it
    Doesnt mean i have to use it
    Any new bike is a handful at first (yes even 250's)
    You soon get used to them
    Good luck with what ever you buy
  15. riding for 3 years on a 250
    I went to an 1100
    Thro0ttle hand makes all the difference and you will find the linear power delivery of the bandit not unlike the 250 only much much quicker.
    Just get used to the weight difference and the size and go easy for a month or 2.
    You may even want to do a skill enhancement course to get used to it.
  16. You'll only be playing with 96 horses but bags of torque. The bandits are great bikes although smallish tanks and should have another 40 ponies.

    A great step for you if thats what you're after.