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250 Surplus

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. :shock:
    Chatting to some of the local dealers today and saw a tremendous amount of 250cc bikes now lining the second hand sale areas.
    Is this normal for this time of year or is a pre-LAMS Victoria getting ready to shower them down on the market.

  2. Maybe theres alot of learners selling them before LAMs comes in :grin:
  3. +1 on this.

    I would be getting rid of one even if I had to go dormant or let the newer model sit in the garage for 6 months.
    Me thinks the market will be flooded. And it won't be that you won't get a bad price for your bike, you just won't be able to sell at all!
  4. I've got 12 months and 5 days (hopefully) before I'll be selling the GPX, so hopefully things will have settled down by then.
  5. Don't know about settle down. If there are dozens of these in the shops, you likely to be stuck with it for a long long time. Or for parts
  6. didnt happen in NSW
  7. Yes but they transfered many between states. Once LAMS becomes ubquitous, they will have no where to go. :wink:
  8. i don't know about that depending on the condition i would rather one that has be ran regulary, over on ethat may have been sitting on the shop floor for 12 months or so
  9. and when lams come in all pre 2000 250cc motorcycles will stop function blow up and fall out of the sky :roll:
  10. So you currently own a 250 and / or are in the market :wink:
  11. I think you are not getting the point of the debate.
  12. Lams will not stop learners from buying 250cc motorcycles there will always be a market for these bikes. There may be an adjustment in price though.
  13. Could it just be the time of year, with the weather fining up, when they sell more learner bikes, so dug them out of storage... or something? I know some people have held onto their bikes to sell them once the weather fines up. But yeah, might be LAMS panick.
  14. Don't fret.....when petrol goes to $5 a litre next year, everyone will want to buy your 250 ! :cry:
  15. lol hell no, been and done the whole lams thing, just saying a bike with a motor that has been sitting around for ages isn't a great buy
  16. If the bottom falls out of the market in the East, don't fret. Buy up a truckload and bring 'em over to WA. I don't see the WA govt ever relaxing the 250 learner law, and the general used bike market is such that you can sell any old rubbish for Bimota prices.

    Can't lose :grin: .
  17. prices havent changed much at all in nsw

    supply and demand, people want certain bikes and pay for them
  18. Yes the new law will mean that there will be less demand for 250s.

    People will want gs500s, er5fs, gt650s and some others..

    But then what? I'd suspect there wouldn't be that many non 250cc LAMs bikes in ACT? When the small amount that are there run out, the demand for 250s will still be there.

    Whilst yes the reason so many are for sale at the moment is because people probably think the sky will fall and they'll lose all resale value. But just because people think that doesn't mean the demand will go away.
  19. Correct me if i'm wrong but aren't the majority of lams approved bikes of 250cc capacity?

    If so then there will still be more than enough customers lining up for a 250. I also am with others that said there will probably be a price adjustment however I believe that a lot of 250's are currently overpriced for what you get anyway.
  20. :WStupid: