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250 road bike recommendation/ opinion needed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by big_timo, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. hi guys,

    i'm new to riding- getting my l's in about a month. have been looking at past threads and it seems zzr's, gpx's and cbr's are popular first bikes, but i'm looking for something that is air cooled (simpler) and naked (less damage if dropped) for about $3000. it does not need to set the world on fire (will ride to uni mainly in 50-60 zones with a short burst at 100) as i'm only learning, but needs to be reliable.

    cb250's are everywhere and it seems they area popular dependable bike. can anyone who owns/ has owned one provide some feedback on issues with the bike, how easy to ride, revs at 100, ease of maintenance or anything else? i've also noticed some others such as suzuki gn250 and kwaka z250 but do not know much about them.

    any advice would be fantastic!! thanks in advance!!
  2. From your requirements listed, a CB250 would suit you needs perfectly. You will most likely ride one when you do your L's if you do it at HART.

    Good honest bike, no superfluous stuff, & there's a million & one out there if you ever need spare parts. A postie bike may also suit, but the CB would have slightly more poke.

    You are aware that you're not restricted to a 250 anymore yes?
  3. Honda VT250 Spada.
  4. yes, fully aware of the new lams system but i would prefer to start out on a 250. can always upgrade in 12 months to something bigger like a gs500 ;) thnx for the feedback
  5. My across gsx250f was great, handy storage compartment and fairly similar performance to most 250 i4's I believe.

    Unfortunately I just bought a KTM 640 SM and am now unable to look the same way at 250cc i4's anymore.

    But yeh, for commuting the across is great, and I'm gonna miss that storage.

    Good luck!