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250 Resale Info

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by enforcer, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Need some info on the 2fiddies that people bought and what they sold it for. If you haven't sold it yet just leave out the Resell Info section out.

    Purchase Info

    Bike (include year): 1996 Suzuki Across
    Year Purchased: 2005
    Price: $4k
    RWC (y/n): N
    km: 19,000
    Rego Remaining: 9 Months
    Mods: None
    Damage: None

    Resell Info

    Year Sold:
    RWC Included (y/n):
    Rego Remaining:
  2. You might do better if you actually said what you want the info for. You could just check out the redbook values and you'ld get a good idea of prices.
  3. Purchase Info

    Bike (include year): 1993 Suzuki Bandit
    Year Purchased: 2005
    Price: $2,400
    RWC (y/n): N
    km: 24,400
    Rego Remaining: 0 months
    Mods: Venture Rack
    Damage: Scrape on the exhaust, Small ding in the tank, few scratchs here and there.
    Comments: I thought it was a pretty good price at the time. Front disc was 0.05mm off complience so that needed replacing :?. All up including repair costs, insurance and on road costs, its came to about $3,200