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250 Race Bike

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Mohawk, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, pretty new to this forum. Seems like there is alot of input though which is awesome.
    Been looking for months now at joining my mates in interclub racing. My problem is I cant convince myself on what bike to buy.
    My mates are racing a RGV250 and an RS250, so I'd rather race against them directly on a 250 g-banger as well.
    I've got a heap of different ideas about which bike to ride, but have come up with these as sought of my finalists.
    RGV250, ZX2R, RS250, KR-1S.
    What I'm very interested in though is how the ZX2R would head around the track. Im only looking to spend about 2-3k on buying the bike, and occasionally I see the RS250 for sale for that price. Thats about the only way I would buy it.
    Any thoughts on my choice? Any other 250 you guys might suggest.

  2. The 4t 250's won't have a hope unless you're a considerably better rider than your mates.
  3. Come down to Broadford on the 20th and 21st September for the Hughie Hoare race. It's run by Preston MCC and they take part in the IC. There will be lots of different bikes there, some 2T, some 4T, 250's, Club Sports, 400's, 600's and 1000's. Then make your decision.
  4. I agree with Cejay, go watch a few of the different bikes in action racing.

    I race a CBR250R and yeah there are faster/bigger powered bikes on the track, but in my class it's a real good machine and I get so much out of it, with its great corner speed. AND I spent less than $3k to buy it AND get it ready to race AND had cash left to pay to race my first meet.

    Truth is you'll have heaps of fun on anything if you are racing and it's the learning that gives you the most gains on the track, in any class. I've even caught and passed older 400s at PI on my 250...

    If you just want to go fast tho, buy a big bike and do track days.
  5. Already planned on going to hang at the track that weekend. Im not interested in going exceptionally fast. The RGV is very apealing to me simply cause 2-smokers need alot of loving. Which means I get to drink alot of beers while working on it. Your very right, the learning factor is most appealing, learning cornering techniques and race knowledge is very appealing.
  6. Yeah 1+ both the 250 two or four strokes need that huge lovin'.

    A lot to be learned just in mechanics. Then racing what you've put together is even more amazing, as you get technically better at the craft. I think it takes more rider ability on a 250 because you have to use what power you have very well to keep it going at its best.

    Above you'll have plenty of fun, even if it is just a talking point over beers :LOL:

  7. 2 smokers are great bikes. light and so much power. If I know how to maintain one, I will defo race one. But I am the most mechanically retarded person I know.

    My friend say" If he can fix it, it must be simple" I totally agree.

    The best 4 stroke to race is the CBR250R or RR, prob the RR. The RR has more after market bits for then and a racier sitting position. The only issue I have with the 250R is the rearset being high enough and its expensive to get higher rearsets.

    The biggest problem with ZX2r -> parts. its much harder to find parts for them. They are also heavier. some people prefer it some dont. I find cbr250 more flickable.
  8. Buy a manual, read, experiment, take your time, buys some tools. This is how I learned.

    Rear sets on the CBR250R not an issue. You make your own adapter plate (Easy) and buy an off the shelf set, simple. Or cut the length of the pegs on the standard rear sets and again use an adapter plate to change there position (I do this). Cheap and it works a treat. I also dropped the forks 20mm, which makes a ton of difference.

    Probably biggest issue with the R is the front wheel being 16", rubber choice is limited. So I swapped it for a 17" and am laughing.

    The ZX2Rs do amazing on the track. I think they have more HP and a better (more adjustable) front end. I have to use extra fork oil and 20 cent coins to adjust mine :LOL:

    All depends on how much cash you want to spend really. There are always cheaper options, will yeild just as good results as expensive options.
  9. adapter plates? I would like to see it. I thought of it, but the gear selecter thing is not attached. if I move the rearset, the space between the rearset and the gear selecter would change. Yes/no? I can make a good paper aeroplane, make adapter plates? forget it. I would love to see what you have done.
  10. Ok,


    Yes it makes the space between the lever and the peg larger, but not that I noticed. And if it was unmanageable, I would just hunt the wreckers for a honda one that was longer.

    Re making them, 1 hack saw, 1 drill, make them out of cardboard to make a pattern, then cut it out and bolt on. I might even have a go at making a gear lever next :LOL:
  11. And what someone has done for the CBR250RR with those cheap ebay Yoshi rear sets...

  12. as i can say the rgv250 is a great bike even on the road i would like to keep mine as a future track bike but i may have to sell it when i upgrade to bigger bike.
    i think the sproket on the back could loose a couple of teeth as the only time i get it into 6th gear on the open road is doing 120 and up (cruiseing) :LOL:
    great fun bikes around the city on TNMR
  13. The RGV or the RS if you want to battle your mates http://www.rgvspares.com/ Often has race ready bikes for sale around the 3k mark and the guy knows his RGV's ...