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250 Price variations. *headache*

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. ok, as some of you have read, my loan application has been approved and i'll be on my way to getting a bike sometimes within the next few weeks (depending on work).

    i've got a few questions, hopefully someone can help.

    1. how much would you pay for a CBR250RR in melbourne with say. 30,000k's, general condition, maybe a mark or 2. - the average.

    some people will tell me "around 6k" others will say "no more than 5k" - thats a big difference for me..
    dealers have them for 7k with 50-60k's and mis-matched wheel colours...

    how much should i spend on a CBR250RR OR ZX2R, a pair of gloves, my licence, rego (if needed), and insurance (3rd party.).
    i've budgeted 6,000. - will i need more? or am i spending too much?

    3. why is there so much fluctuation in the prices of bikes that are so similar?

    4. people have told me 'don't buy a bike with over 30,000k's' - would you agree?
  2. 1. This time of year and with those km's and scratches i wouldn't pay more than 5k (But you should be able to get a much better bike and price if you buy private)

    2. Bike - 4.5/5k
    Gloves $80
    Licence - $250
    Rego - $350
    Insurance - $80

    3. Don't really know :? Probably because new buyers will pay more for a good looking bike at a dealer (6-7k) and bikes with a few scratches don't get sold as easily and have the prices lowered.

    4. No, half of the km's are supposably false anyway and mine has 35,000+ and it goes just as good as it did with 15,000
  3. what he said, but don't forget vehicle transfer fees and stamp duty, an extra couple of hundred dollars. money saving tip: when you fill out the transfer fee and enter what you paid for the bike put down half what you paid, that way you'll pay only half of your stamp duty fee :wink:
  4. just been through the whole process myself and that all seems about right, another tip is if you want to save on rego money, look for a bike that already has rego on it, that way you only need to pay for the transfer fee (something like 100-200 dollars i think).
  5. Transfer fee is $5.50? odd dollars, stamp duty is $8 for every $200 of the purchasse price.

    $80 for in-sewer-ants? 3rd party only?

    Fine if you don't trash the bike. $400+ if you are over 25 and have a good driving record for full comp.

    You need to weigh up the risks properly before getting in-sewer-ants
  6. is it just me though or is $5000-$6000 that the cbr250's go a freaking ridiculous price? I mean these are pretty old bikes, for that price you can pick up fairly good and much newer 600cc bikes ://

    i'm a noob at this stuff though so i might need explanation why
  7. The disproportionatley high prives for 250's in general is due to the engine size restriction laws. It warps this end of the market for motorcycles.

    My only thoughts are that you should look look look, and then get the best condition bike for the least price you can find.

    I have a 'crazy' idea which I would be interested in getting peoples comments on:
    Buy a bike with a few scratches on it. Get it comprehensively insured. Say you had a slide, and get insurance to fix it all up for less cost (excess) than what it would have done to fix it yourself. Then downgrade insurance to 3rd party after that.
    Might only be worthwhile for higher end bikes?
  8. might only be worthwhile if you don't want insurance very often...

    excess will go skywards for next claim
  9. No it's not just you. I know some cbr's are not imports, but generally this sort of money for a 15year old 4 cylinder 250 imporr, thats undoubtadly had a bad life, seems like a lot of money to me.

    Look through the technical advise section of this forum, and you'll see quite a few questions based on this era 250's.

    there were a good bike, but a bike with pistons that small, that makes it's power at that high a rev is just not going to last that long. Even larger bike suffer with age, even if that havn't got high k's on them.

    I'd be looking at a newer vtr or similar if I were looking to spend this sort of money on a learner.
  10. oh definitely, a vtr or even a zzr would be a better buy, theres tons of threads about this and i cant see why people still go for the cbr's heh
  11. If I was you Id buy Jimmythe humans bike in the for sale section.
    $5200 he is after, got rego and some cool stuff on it too.
    Very low Ks and well looked after.

    The hornet has a cbr250r engine in it but has a naked frame style.

    I would buy private and stay clear of dealers on bikes like that.
  12. If I were you, I would buy reasonably good gloves ($150) first and set aside $750 for license and advanced training (esp. cornering). Then, with whatever is left from the loan, I would buy a 250.

    It's only a 250. Chances are you are gonna drop a few times and get rid of it after the restriction. So, invest in things that will protect or last with you.

    As for the insurance, I'd like to quote my grandpa: "If you can't afford full comp insurance, you can't afford to drive that particular vehicle. Go and get a piece of sh!t that you can afford to trash now and then."
  13. 1. 4/4.5 with good tyres, excellent condition and long rego, easy to find if you no where to look.
    Bike- 4-4500 including rego, say plus $200 transfer fees,etc, 3rd party 150ish, gloves 100-200 will get you a good pair.
    3. Some people want quick sales some are patient, and some bikes are pieces of shit.
    4. No, but yes..There an old bike you have to expect the kms.
    A guy Ive rode with in the past, was sellign his cbr250rr for 4700neg, was sp1 colors, mint bike, probly sold by now. You just gotta look on evry site possible for a cheap bike.
  14. I saw Jimmy the humans bike on the ride to sorrento last weekend, its a nice bike, seems like a pretty fair price as well..And no fairings to break!
  15. there's definetely cheap bikes out there, You gotta be patient.
    Constantly be on the lookout cause they get snapped up very quick.