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250 or V-twin/600?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Leakey, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    a lot of you have suggested that the higher CC bikes are great Learner bikes because of the tourque, however I always had it in my head that a 250 would be great fun as a first bike to zip around the corner on a nice coast run.

    There seem to be two schools, although I'm willing to sacrifice long distance comfort for a bit more fun.

    Your opinions would be welcome, I'm really having trouble deciding.
  2. G'day Leaky,

    I've only been riding on the road since the start of the year and because NSW allows people 30 and over to get an unrestricted license I went straight to a 695 V-Twin once I passed my Ps test. I haven't regretted it for a second.

    A bigger bike will be even more zippy than a 250 and will generally be a better quality machine.
  3. If the thought of winding something out to ridiculously high rpm (without breaking the speed limit) appeals then a 4 cylinder 250 is great fun. Just keep in mind that revving the engine out is something you have to do to get it to go and you're going to be changing gears fairly often on windy/hilly roads. Weight/handling wise there's no real advantage with a 250 over something like a GS500 (especially when comparing a near new GS with a 15 year old CBR that's never had the fork oil or brake fluid changed ;)).
  4. Go ride a 250. Then go ride a 650vtwin.

    It will be an easy decision :)

    I assume you're over 30 and can now jump straight onto a bigger bike/returning from riding in the past? If so, 650vtwin is a great step.
  5. Or that you're considering the Hyo GT650R or even the Ducati Monster...(both LAM's approved, of course)
  6. phizog, yeah, although I like the idea of fangin around down the coast on a 250, I'm under the impression it's light and easier to through around. I was thinking maybe a GPX.

    I'm yet to get sit on a few, which I'll do ASAP and then see what's for sale on the black...ahem...second hand market! :)
  7. Yeah, for the price gpx's are a fantastic deal. Are you on Ls / Ps? If not, I'd have a try of a some 600ish twins.
  8. jd highlighted a good point. Winding out to VERY high rpm without breaking the speed limit. CBR's, FZR's and ZXR's are the go for this criteria.

    Call me crazy, but I like big revs.

    The bikes are older, over priced for what they are ( a 15yo bike, which no one has ever REALLY cared for cause they go thru the hands of a new L and P plater every 1.5years )...

    but i still luv em. I listen to the revs pick up and think mmmmm,revs. sounds gorgeous.

    I then hear a GPX and spu, they sound awful. Whether u are on the bike or listening to it go by.

    I'm quite sure the other bigger bikes are more practical, but that's what my car is for.

    Some people think they are too noisey and they are probably right, not many other things rev to over 18,000rpms! except F1 cars!! I liked owning something that could rev like that and sound sooo racey.
  9. Go the V-twin. With LAMS being extended to Vic (and everywhere else in the near future) I predict the arse will fall out of the 250 market sooner rather than later.
    A 650 twin (either V or parallel) will always have a following. Besides, I'd give you a week on a 250 before you regret it.
    Remember, bigger doesn't necessarily mean faster. Any tool can ride fast in a straight line. The test of a good rider is how slow he (or she) can ride and take corners etc,. (sorry if I offend anyone, but watching you guys in Lygon Street in your shorts and singlets trying to manouvre and park your R1's is hilarious.)
  10. Don't know why you would, hasn't really effected NSW that much. There is a serious lack of 'bigger' LAMS bikes. GS500, etc. ducati 620, and there are obvious alot of others, but so many are old and hard to come by.
  11. Its been OK to have a up to 660cc learner approved bikes in NSW for years now. I've had my licence about 3 years and people had them back then.

    In that 3 years price of CBR250's and such has actually kinda gone up. I know because I'm always watching the prices having bought and sold bikes a few times in this period.

    I've also owned 250cc 4cyl bikes for about 4 years and have loved them the whole time. I think its a big call to assume someone will regret owning something that appeals to them when its obviously opinion based.

    I've now sold my FZR250 and bought a TTR dirt bike, but want a CBR or FZR again... so I don't think everyone would agree they are so useless...

    I'd also like to throw it out there that I've never had any sort of mechanical problems in the 3 years and 15,000kms or so I put on my FZR250.
  12. Which bike would be better around corners and handling? GS500 or CBR250RR/FZR250/ZXR250?
  13. As someone pointed out, if its a cbr/fzr/zxr thats 20 years old and the suspension is shot (eg. needs fresh oil, new springs, etc. etc.), which is somewhat likely, then the near new gs500 for the same price would do better.

    But if you're comparing two bikes of the same condition, the cbr, etc. will yes definitely be better through the bends. The weight distribution (partially inherent to the riding position) is far superior for fast twisty riding and makes it much easier to be fast through the corners.