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250 ninja

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hph, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Has the 250 ninjas landed in oz yet ? Went to Aikens last Sat and was told that the first 3 shipments had been presold :shock:

    The ride away price was a few hundred dollars cheaper than a 1990 cbr250rr which I saw at Action last week :)
  2. the search button is your friend :p :roll:
  3. ...and isn't 17 years old and had the living daylights thrashed out of it.
  4. So you either think the dealer is talking Bull Sh!t or you think someone here is keeping a spare. :?
  5. i was told by the dealer they would be on sale in january
  6. yeah i was also told the same thing by aitken just yesterday - apparently they only got 3 bikes in their first shipment. They also said their feb 08 shipment has been sold out so need to wait till march at the earliest if u wanna get it from them.
  7. How much are these bikes? I was thinking about getting one at the end of the year.. Loving the updated supersport look. I'm so sick of 250cc's that look like shit.
  8. They are $6990 + ORC. Red or black
  9. What exactly do the On Road Costs cover? Interesting, I thought they had at least lime green too!
  10. Not till a later release (or so they say).

    ORC = Rego, stamp duty, dealer delivery

    means the bike will be around $8200 on road
  11. Oh wow! Thanks for that.
  12. I rang a kawa dealer couple days ago. they are selling them $7200 ride away. they said there is 100 bikes in the first shipment to vic but all are already sold. will be bout march before the nextl lot arrive
  13. Must be an intro price. That doesn't even cover rego! (In Vic anyway)
  14. And when you've put a deposit down and mess you around for months, when they finally say oh well we don't have it at 7200 but we do have it for 8200.. you're not going to go buy it somewhere else when you've put a deposit down now are you ? :) Dodgy dealing.
  15. Seven two on the road isnt a bad price for a new two fifty. Especially something fresh like the Ninja. Its a pity they didnt try and recapture the high end race replica 250 market (4 cyl, high chassis and suspension specification) but if they did it would prob be 10 grand (like the aust import Cbr250rr was). All you guys that knock hyosung should be thankful for the competition that has obviously helped the japs sharpen up their pencils a bit :p (not that i would buy one) :cool:
  16. Kawasaki told the dealers that the bikes would start arriving in the first week of Jan, those that put their deposits down two months ago will get their bikes first.

    'On road costs' include - reg, stamp duty, delivery of the unit to the dealer, pre delivery inspection and final assembly out of the crate. Real 'on road costs' for a 250 is about $800 but at Cosway we were only charging $500, I was quoting $7,000 'ride away' for the new Ninja when I worked there.