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250 more fun than 600?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mattizie, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. This may seem a bit unconventional, but I've gotten a CBR600F4... and I find it boring :( my old ninja (RIP) was way more fun.

    I guess the problem is that I just can't legally use the power of the 600.

    For example, when I first got it, I took off on the highway thinking "lets see what the babe can do". Felt awesome till redline when I noticed that I was already over the 100km/h limit. Roll off throttle, and click all the way to 6 gear.

    And that's how I rode it, 1st gear till I reach the limit, then 6th. So painful on 50km roads.

    My '08 Ninja on the other hand, was just slow in comparison. But you could actually use ALL the power, driving it around town you could easily go WOT till redline (while still under the limit), and it was so exhilarating. It also taught me to ride better so I could keep up on group rides (not exceeding the limit of course), instead of just relying on acceleration.

    Does anyone else feel the same way? Obviously it's different on a track, but in Victoria especially, there isn't really a legal way to use that awesome power.

    I'm actually thinking of selling it and getting another 250. Or, dare I say it, 125 :p jokes jokes.

    What does net-rider reckon?

  2. most people dont want to be ringing a bikes neck every second, my self included. That said it is shit fun to here the little buggers rev.
    with the 600s+ there's more weight and size to the bike so its more comfortable for someone like me at 6'5 110kgs
    especially if i need to go onto the highway.
    i find twisties more enjoyable with the added weight of a 600 aswell.
    its all just personal preference.
    oh and go ride something with a bit more of a kick to it then an f4 then come back and say there boring.
  3. better to have the power incase you need it to get out of trouble
  4. That's why you hear so many people say 'I miss my old 250'...

    You could never take a 600cc sports bike like your F4 to the limit on public roads like you could on a small 250cc.

    Some people even downgrade because they miss the fun of the smaller displacement bikes, I think someone here downgraded to the new Honda CB400 from a Daytona 675 and couldn't be happier.
  5. yeah thats kinda how it works around town is just a first gear affair for most proper bikes.

    Even my lams bike doesnt need to get out of first around town its just my exhaust is a straight pipe and i like to keep it within reasonable levels around the local burbs.
  6. I think that was raven.
  7. Cbr600f4

    1st gear = 90
    2nd = 145
    3rd = 198
    4th - 6th = don't know.

    That's mine anyways.
  8. This is exactly the reason why cars such as the MX5 are popular.
    Amazing handling with a rev happy small displacement engine.
    Means you can hit mountain roads and drive it properly all without doing 200Km/hr.

    With bikes being quicker for less $$ I have wondered if and when I upgrade I will regret it in the same way it sounds you have.

    Besides the initial rush can you really explore the fun factor on a bigger bike without deathly speeds??
  9. Just buy a 125cc for around town
  10. HERE HERE......

    i love my Boulevard, but if i could have my old 250 back, i would in a blink. i would have BOTH. one for pottering around the burbs, and one for the open road and hills.
  11. The engine size is about right but for a hoot on public roads, you'd be better off halving the number of cylinders.
  12. Interesting. Guess I better get used to my 250..
  13. but you don't potter around on it. that's the problem see.
    you bang the little biatch of the rev limmiter everywhere.
    and you push too hard and stack.

    whereas, when you have too much power you tend to have a healthy respect for it.
    you need to have too much power to be safe.
    more power than you can handle so you don't push the bike beyond it's limmits.

    i'm not being silly, it's the truth.
  14. That's about the most ingenious post I've ever read on how to excuse cr@p riders and riding practices on large displacement bikes.
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  15. So why not just leave the 600 in 1st and enjoy it's piles of torque, and vastly improved highway overtaking abilities?
  16. hey gang, bonk's back!!!
  17. While i miss my 250, mainly because of the era it came from (cafe style naked 80's) i couldn't say id want to go back to it. I love my 1000cc and have progressed as a rider so much more then i could have on a 250, plus the 250 what unsafe, crap brakes and handling. The Firestorm being a twin i don't have to rev it and can just potter around in town and still enjoy it but can still blast it up the hills loaded with luggage and a pillion.

    But 250's have there place, and i enjoyed every second i rode mine.
  18. take it to the track or open roads more often
  19. It's why i downgraded to the 250 :D

    And I am looking at getting a 600 only because there's not much choice in adventure bikes otherwise!

    Although i do miss the almighty power of it all. And the idea of a 1400cc is awesome, if only for the wheelie factor
  20. I've just upgraded from 250cc to 650cc, or 34hp to 70hp. And I say the same as you.

    I can hardly touch the throttle without going too fast or running right into the car in front of me. I love the extra power and torque when I ride with a passenger uphill, though. But I'm far from being capable of putting all power down onto the road. Hell, I have hardly been pass ½ throttle. :-s