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250 mono

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. i remember a little while ago, there was a bloke that posted a topic on "accidentally"wheelstanding a 2001 zzr250 through an intersection. then we all ended up talking about mono's on a 250. when eddy, (by the way EDDY THIS IS ME BENNOS. and ADZA... pm me)... when eddy posts my video, that's our first attempt at a mono on a 94 zzr. bearing in mind it was flatspotting at 3k, and 8k, and we were pissed, not a bad attempt. is there any good aussie stunt video's??? we've been having a go at a few things and getting better, but are yet to do things we think are dvd worthy. by the way, great ride to the blokes who came riding saturday with me and eddy!!! (mate i'm stealing your zzr fairings i need new ones)

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  3. pm me if you wanna come out for a ride
  4. I've been doing this abit lately as well although i can't seem to get the technique or power to keep it up. What i'm doing at the moment is:

    1. taking off in first
    2. I get to about 20-30km/h
    3. Pull in the clutch just till it disengages and give it a fist full
    4. quickly release it and pop the front up

    I can get this up to about 45 degrees but can't seem to keep it up even if i stay on the power. Any ideas people??
  5. well the poor girl is running out of power by then i reckon night rider.... maybe try to change gears??? i'm tooscared to try that mid wheelie....
  6. for your bike, sit down wheelies are not easy. you don't have the power on tap. and while a clutch dump will get your wheel up, it isn't the best start to help you carry the wheelie. also you're still probably starting them too fast.

    i think a staggered stand up will be more effective. right foot stays on the front peg and covers the brake, left foot stands on the rear passenger peg. this stance is very stable and will help you gauge your wheelie height by feeling the height difference between each foot. it will also take a lot of strain from your arms.

    to get used to this position, just ride around in it. then do some brisk acceleration and decelleration in 1st gear. this will help you get used to the feeling and to teach you to hold your body in the stand up position. only move on once you are comfortable with this.

    now to the wheelie. i would roll around 20kph or a fast sprinting pace by foot. then briskly accelerate at about 1/2 throttle and at the same time smoothly slip the clutch in and out. don't rush the clutching. it should take about a second to go smoothly in and out. during this time, add more throttle. it comes down to timing and your bike's power. start with baby steps and not too much throttle. you won't be carrying them very far just yet. build up your confidence slowly by adding more and more throttle. but the key is to be very fluid with the clutch as you are adding throttle. pros do not hold throttle and dump the clutch. that's a burn out technique.

    DO NOT use your arms to pull the bars up, or put any bodily input into it. you'll just throw yourself off balance and make it hard to control the throttle and clutch smoothly. later on, you can add a bounce through the pegs to compress the rear and help the wheelie. but don't do that until you can consistently clutch it up smoothly.
  7. oh yeah flex... it was me who did that 'accident' one.... but now very keen on trying to learn n*a*m*'s technique.... especially as i'm tallish.. (6'1... i think it will help to be a bit back on the bike like that... will give it a bit of practice i think :)
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  9. thanks for posting it eddy!!!!!!! we'll do some mono's and various stunts with a better quality camera, (that was with a phone). and be less pissed next time too

    and those 250 vids were grouse, wish i could do that.

    nams, sounds good, i'll have a crack at that. that mini wheelstand vid, he didn't pop the clutch or give it more than about 3grand, it was just his feet position that got it up.
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    hahahaha hey guys (hey N.A.M hows things :wink:), the guys in the first vid (2fidystuntz) was me and my friend.....It took us weeks to get that good and that was a few months ago now....pure the dude on the 05 vtr250 is heaps better now, he can scrape 12's and stuff ...his bike is a full time stuntbike now - handbrake, 12 bar, cage all the good stuff...

    Listen to NAM he know what his on about - there are 2 places in sydney that you can go and make whoolies without the po po gettin ya - stuntskills and stuntsvill....both places have gr8 stunt riders to help you
    out and give you pointers ect ect..

    for anyone interested in stunting here are a few web sites..





    heaps of vids and pics here:


    if anyone wants to know anything ask away - me or NAM will help yas out.

  11. [IMG:268:237:14858a07f3]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b293/ando420/sitdowncrop.jpg[/img:14858a07f3]



  12. F'N NICE ONE BROTHER!!! howd ya get em to ome up so easy??
  13. Hahaha practice practice practice

    There are heaps more vids search user name vtr420 on youtube to find all my vids

    250 stunts people :twisted:
  14. Hey that's amazing fellas, have u guys done any modes, to the sprockets perhaps, i mean i was looking for a stunt bike and thought i had to get a 600 minimum but if u guys can do that shit on a 2fidy, i mean geez...

    so yeah what mods u done?
  15. Yes well flexorcist the right hand side fairing isn't looking all that good on my zzr at the moment. Got a friend that want's to air brush it though so I think I'll just turn my bike into a canvas :)
  16. knowing me, probably sooner. it was on a closed road.